50 Best Big Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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Here are the Best Big Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to fulfill your love for outdoor cooking and being the best host.

Usually located in a backyard or patio, these add value to a home and make having guests at home more fun. Read on to learn more about Best Big Outdoor Kitchen Ideas. 

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Best Big Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Marble Outdoor Kitchen

This beautiful outdoor kitchen is a treat to the eyes with its mesmerizing aesthetics. We’re sure this will look like one of the best parts of your house.

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2. Outdoor Cacti-Themed Kitchen

Beautify your outdoor kitchen with beautiful succulents, which will take this idea to the next level. Here is the picture for inspiration.

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3. Backyard Wooden Kitchen

This backyard wooden kitchen will be your favorite spot to hang out. Its wooden elements make it look even better. Here is how it looks.

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4.  Rocky Outdoor Kitchen

Want to give your outdoor kitchen a touch of Roman architecture? This kitchen made of rocks is the best source of inspiration for the same.

5. Wooden Floor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen has a wooden floor and a beautiful fireplace in it. Your guests can enjoy some warmth during cold days and enjoy the food outside.

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6. Kitchen Among Trees

If your backyard is surrounded by trees, this idea is for you. Chose a big tree to set up this outdoor kitchen and have some shade while cooking during the day. Here is the picture.

7. Kitchen On The Patio

Get a kitchen on the corner of the patio, and this will help you in utilizing the patio area in a good way. Here is how the design will look.

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8. Outdoor Kitchen With Fancy Sink

The sink is an important part of any kitchen. Here you can use a fancy kitchen that will have everything for you to make fresh drinks. Here is the idea.

9. Outdoor Kitchen With Dining Space

Get some beautiful chairs and a dining table around the fireplace of your outdoor kitchen, and let it do its magic. Here is how it looks when put together.

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10. Integrated Grill And Cooktop

The integration of the grill and cooktop into the stone bar top looks better than a standalone grill. This idea is perfect for keeping your outdoor kitchen compact.

11. Trellis Outdoor Kitchen

The trellis cover creates a sunlight pattern and enhances the look of this outdoor kitchen. You can fix steel cabinets in this kitchen like these.

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12. Outdoor Refrigerator

In this idea, your outdoor refrigerator will provide storage for a variety of food and beverage options in this outdoor kitchen. Here is the idea.

13. Louvered Roof Kitchen

This louvered roof kitchen can close and open with a touch of a button. If you love to integrate technology with your outdoor kitchen idea, check this kitchen out.

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14. Wooden Roof Patio Kitchen

Make use of wooden beams with a large light to get this beautiful kitchen on your patio. You can use a ceiling fan to add functionality and look. Click here to check the idea.

15. White Outdoor Kitchen On A Rooftop

This modern white outdoor kitchen on a rooftop terrace is made of tile walls and is beautifully compact and perfect for small spaces. Here is how this idea looks.

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16. Mediterranean-Style Outdoor Kitchen

This Mediterranean-style kitchen has a built-in television, stainless steel appliances, and countertop seating making it set apart from other kitchens. Check it out here.

17. Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

This Luxury outdoor kitchen will be a great placement for the bar and will help keep the conversation flowing while cooking in this outdoor kitchen. Check the idea out.

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18. Patio Cook Station With Stone Walls

This patio cook station with stone walls has a stainless steel grill that anchors the built-in cook station on the patio. The combination of all the natural elements makes it look stunning.

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19. Outdoor Kitchen On The Beach

The covered patio behind any gorgeous beach house will make a stunning outdoor kitchen area and a bar. You can put a stunning wooden ceiling that contrasts the white elements of the kitchen. Here is the look.

20. Outdoor Kitchen With Designer Tiles

An outdoor kitchen like this with designer tiles is a beautiful addition to any home’s outdoor living space. The designer tiles can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen’s look and feel.

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21. Wood Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen

This will provide a covered area for cooking, dining, and entertaining while also adding a rustic charm to the overall design. The wood pavilion can be customized to fit the specific needs of the homeowner. Link 

22. Wooden Furniture Outdoor Kitchen

Using wooden furniture in an outdoor kitchen like here can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It also adds a natural and rustic feel to the design.

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23. Outdoor Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

This outdoor kitchen with blue cabinets is a stylish and unique addition to any outdoor living space. Its blue color adds a pop of personality and character to the design. Check out this pic for inspiration.

24. Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor entertaining area of this kitchen has covered dining and kitchen area. The stone pavers make this more beautiful. Additional seating provided in this kitchen through the use of a matching contemporary glass dining table and chairs are stunning.  

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25. Patio With Fireplace

This is a beautiful stone fireplace patio, and this kitchen idea can be inculcated into the house without blocking the lake view. The TV mounted on the chimney makes it more elegant. Check out the idea. 

26. Outdoor Kitchen With Palm

This outdoor kitchen with palm trees gives a tropical and relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor living space. Its pergola offers dappled shade to this outdoor kitchen and bar. Check the idea out.

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27. Wicker Barstools Outdoor Kitchen

This idea looks out of books with a cute grill, a bar, and wicker barstools. Check how the unique furniture has added to the appeal of this idea.

28. Gray Outdoor Kitchen

This idea features a large outdoor kitchen and bar following the curve of the backyard. The kitchen is this idea is filled with every facility to have a blast with your guest. Check the idea here.

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29. Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven

This outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven is a dream come true for pizza lovers. This idea can create authentic, restaurant-quality pizza right in the backyard. The oven can be built with a variety of materials, such as brick or stainless steel, and can be customized to fit the homeowner’s specific needs. Here is the idea. 

30. Outdoor Kitchen With Tap

This amazing idea includes a tricked-out bar with a keg tap. This is a more functional idea with the availability of abundant water. See how such an idea can turn out.

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31. Outdoor Kitchen With Colored Furniture

This idea looks amazing, with brightly colored furniture that lights up the outdoor space. It is fully stocked with a refrigerator, sink, and grill, as well as a bar area for eating. Here is the pic for inspiration.

32. Outdoor Kitchen With Two Cooktops

This outdoor kitchen idea is a great one that takes an afternoon of grilling to a whole new level. There are two cooktops and wood panels, and amazing cabinets, which makes it a class apart. Here is the idea.

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33. Outdoor Kitchen With Pool

This outdoor kitchen with a pool is the perfect combination for those who love to entertain and spend time outdoors. This type of setup allows you to prepare and cook food while enjoying the refreshing waters of a pool, making it a great space for hosting summer parties. Here is how it looks.

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34. Outdoor Kitchen With Stone Columns

The pitched roof and stone columns make this one of the best ideas to execute. It will make outdoor cooking look fun and elegant. Here is the idea.

35. Outdoor Kitchen With Mini Fridge

This idea is best to entertain guests and family members in style. This outdoor kitchen is well equipped with a gas grill, mini fridge, and lots of facilities. Check it out here.

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36. Outdoor Kitchen With Stainless Grill

This outdoor kitchen has a chef-grade cooktop grill with Mediterranean tiles. Its pretty color and wood ceiling gives you a way to cook during the downpour. Here is how it looks.

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37. Outdoor Living Room With Kitchen

This idea adds to the function and makes the kitchen much cozier. You can add any elements and other furniture to add to the looks of this idea. Here is the picture.

38. Natural Outdoor Kitchen

In this idea, greenery surrounds the space, and ivy hangs from a contemporary metal pergola that supports wood ceiling fans. This idea will make you feel like dining and eating in nature. Check the idea out here. 

39. Outdoor Kitchen With Exotic Elements

Add beautiful elements like designer fiber and cookware to this kitchen idea and make your outdoor kitchen look a class apart from others. Check here how this idea looks when these exotic elements are added.

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40. Outdoor Kitchen With Stainless Appliances

An outdoor kitchen with stainless appliances is a modern and sleek addition to any outdoor living space. Stainless steel appliances are not only durable and long-lasting but also easy to clean and maintain. With the right design and layout, this outdoor kitchen idea will be your best place to cook, entertain, and relax in style. Link

41. Outdoor Kitchen On A Polished Concrete Platform

This polished concrete platform will be the best place for an outdoor kitchen. It features a  stainless grill and mini fridge with seats making it one of the favorite ideas. Here is what the idea looks like.

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42. Outdoor Kitchen And Bar In Pavilion

This idea has an outdoor kitchen, bar, and luxe lounge area. This pavilion makes entertaining as effortless as possible with its unique and elegant setup. Here is how it looks.

43. Boxy Outdoor Kitchen

In this idea, an outdoor kitchen is tucked into this boxy space by the swimming pool. If you have a pool next to the kitchen, that will make the area more fun and will add to its appeal. Check the idea here.

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44. Green Outdoor Kitchen

Lime green furnishings and turquoise accessories add fun to this outdoor kitchen idea. This space is ideal for entertaining adults and kids alike.

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45. Kitchen With Brightly Colored Accessories

Brightly colored accessories and multicolored countertops make this kitchen idea a breathtaking one. These colors will make your house a welcoming space where everyone will love to hang out. Here is the idea.

46.  Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen And Living Space

This idea is designed for entertaining, and its counters double as a prep area and serving space. It has old World-inspired furniture that adds a comfortable spot to relax as beautiful flowers bring color to the space. Here is how it looks.

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47. Outdoor Kitchen With Vintage Grill

This idea has a massive vented grill that creates a great spot for cooking in this open-air entertainment space. Multiple seating areas provide spots for dining, relaxing, and other activities. Here is what the setup looks like when put together.

48. Natural Stone Outdoor Kitchen

This natural stone outdoor kitchen looks beautiful against the backdrop of bright green trees. The rough natural stone of the counter and kitchen structure contrasts a smooth, patchwork stone patio. Here is also a pizza oven and grill that match with a sleek countertop that arches to form space for bar seating. Here is the idea. 

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49. Outdoor Kitchen With Wood Fired Oven

This idea makes outdoor entertaining easy with this impressive outdoor kitchen complete with a wood-fired oven. This idea is a perfect complement to the Mediterranean-inspired dining room. Here is a picture to know how this looks.

50. Outdoor Kitchen With Fireplace And Waterfall

This outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and waterfall is a luxurious addition to any backyard oasis. The combination of a warm and inviting fireplace with the tranquil sound of a waterfall creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. Here is this amazing idea that can be surely called one of the best on the list.

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