14 Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once

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Check out some Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once to boost the growth of plants with extraordinary results!

Ditch the traditional planting notions and discover some Shocking Gardening Ideas You Must Try Once for an abundant supply of healthy and nutritious harvest!

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Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once

1. Add Earthworms to Potted Plants

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once

You can add beneficial earthworms like the red wrigglers to the soil in potted plants and feed them with decaying matter. Avoid adding earthworms to containers with tender plants or seedlings, as they can damage them.

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2. Add Urine to Plants


This shocking hack can make some people uncomfortable, but this idea is worth trying. Human urine is a potent non-toxic source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other trace elements that boost plant growth.

You can use animal urine as well and apply it in the dilute form in a 1:20 ratio (1 part of urine diluted in 20 parts of water).

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3. Moth Balls

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once 2


You can use mothballs in the garden to repel pests and critters; their vapors kill moths but do remember they are toxic, so keep them out of reach of pets and children.

4. Repel Rabbits with Urine


This hack sounds weird, but it works! Keep rabbits away from your veggies by sprinkling diluted cat or dog urine around your vegetable patch. It also works for deer and foxes if urine comes from a male.

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5. Mix Small Seeds with Sand for Germination

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once 3

Small seeds are difficult to handle while propagation. To make it easy, mix them with sand before sowing. Combine a packet of seeds with around four times as much sand. Drop the mixture moderately beside the row or area where you want to plant.

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6. Water Plants at Night During Summer


Watering the garden in the scorching heat of summer can make your plants dehydrated. The best time to water is in the peak of summer, is at night.

It will give the plant sufficient time to absorb the water before sunrise in the morning, whereas the low humidity at night diminishes the risk of diseases.

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7. Add Yogurt to the Soil

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once 7

The magic of yogurt is not just restricted to your kitchen, but it can also do wonders for your plants as well. Yogurt can kill mildew, can be used as a fertilizer, and you can also add it to compost!

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of yogurt in the growing medium once in 2-3 months for best results.

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8. Wipe Plant Leaves from Banana Peel


Let your large leaf plants shine more with this amazing hack! Use a banana peel and wipe the foliage gently. It will take away the dust and will put an instant shine!

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9. Use Diapers

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once 8

Diapers can be a life-saving hack for busy gardeners. Tear open a diaper and bury it into the potting hole. The hydrogels hold 10x water which can then be used by the plant. Also, the moisture-soaking cotton will be an add-on.

However, you must remember that this process is suitable for gardens and raised beds, not for container planting.

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10. Use Cinnamon to Keep Fungus Away

Cinnamon is a potent ingredient that drives molds, mildews, and fungal diseases away. Mix a tablespoon of cinnamon powder with the potting mix and protect the plant from potential fungal and bacterial issues.

You can also soak cinnamon sticks in warm water overnight and strain the solution to spray on the fungus-affected plants, removing them.

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11. Use Some Blood

Shocking Gardening Ideas You Should Try Once 12

Not to fret! We are talking about blood meal, which is easily available in the market, or you may collect some from the slaughtering houses. An organic nitrogen fertilizer, blood meal is proven to improve soil quality, raise soil acidity, foster leaf growth, and improve overall plant health.

Side dress the heavy-feeding vegetable and flowering varieties with a teaspoon of blood meal at the onset of the growing season for an abundant harvest.

12. Use Vodka to Germinate Seeds

Mix half a teaspoon of vodka in a gallon of water and soak the seeds in this solution for 20-30 minutes. Rinse the seeds thoroughly with distilled or RO water before sowing. This will increase the germination rate by a considerable margin.

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13. Use Copper Coin to Deter Slugs and Snails

Use copper pennies in the garden to repel slugs and snails. This is because these pests are not safe from static shock and copper causes a similar reaction to them.

Keep them near the plants or in an area where slugs and snails are frequent. You can also use copper wires around the plants.

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14. Human Hair as Fertilizer

According to a report by the Oregon State University, Human hair contains 51% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulfur, which makes waste human hair a good source of organic fertilizer.

Mix a handful or more hair in the growing medium when planting. It will help the plants with better growth.

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