Using Diapers for Gardening | Bizarre Diaper Hacks for Gardeners

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Would you believe that Using Diapers for Gardening can help with growing plants? This seems very true because of these genius hacks!

Disposable diapers are used for kids to make them feel comfortable. But how interesting it would be if you could use them in your garden. Don’t get surprised; you heard it right! You can use them for gardening because of their amazing water-absorbing ability.

Diapers are made up of a permeable barrier of cotton fiber and moisture absorbing crystals. This incredible mix allows the disposable diaper to retain moisture for an extended period. This quality can make Using Diapers for Gardening very beneficial.

Using Diapers for Potted Plants

Bizarre Diaper Hacks for Gardeners
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Despite being non-biodegradable products, disposable diapers can help potted plants in your garden by extending the moisture-retaining capacity. To use diapers for plants, you’ll need the following:

  • An Unused Diaper
  • 4 Cups of Water
  • Potting Soil
  • Two Large Bowls

Place the diaper in a bowl. You don’t need to separate the cotton fibers from crystals, as they also absorb water. Pour water into the diaper and allow it to soak; tear it and pull the gel-like substance into the bowl. Add more water, if required to form a gel.

Add equal parts of potting soil and gel in a separate bowl. You can reduce the amount of gel according to the moisture-retaining capacity of the soil you want to improve. Mix them properly and you’ll have a super absorbent, light, and fluffy soil, perfect for your container plants.

Tip: Remember to reduce the watering frequency by 30-50 percent, as the plant will pull out moisture from hydrogel in diapers.

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Using Diapers in Case of Overwatering

Overwatering is one of the biggest reasons why container plants die. If you’ve done this crime mistakenly, don’t worry! Spread a few tablespoons of diaper crystals on the topsoil of the pot, they will absorb the extra moisture quickly. Later on, you can either remove or keep the crystals over the pot as mulch, to help the plant retain moisture for a longer duration.

Using Diaper Gel in Seed Mix

Using Diapers for Gardening

Sometimes, it becomes a tedious job for gardeners to water seedlings at regular intervals, especially in warm weather. The hydrogel present in the diaper can be the ultimate solution to this problem. Add that to your seed mix and it’ll help by providing constant moisture to the developing baby plants.

Adding Diaper in Bottom Layer of Soil

Would you believe that Using Diapers for Gardening can help with growing plants? This seems very true because of these genius hacks!

You can also put the diaper at the bottom layer of the pots or hanging baskets. Especially, hanging baskets are exposed to the constant wind, and the diaper will help by providing constant moisture. Just cut the disposable diaper tabs and adjust the right side up, and fill the pot or basket with soil. Learn more about this hack here.

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