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Are you in love with quirky succulents? Check out our exclusive list of the Best Mother of Thousands Variety!

The Bryophyllum stands out with its quirky looks, and the reason why it has a ‘mother‘ attached to its name is because of the tiny plantlets that grow along its leaf margins. If you want to have this robust and pest-resistant plant, too, pick one from our Best Mother of Thousands Variety list.

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Best Mother of Thousands Variety

The plants on this list can be invasive and spread rapidly when grown in the garden. To keep their spread in check, grow them in pots.

1. Mother of Thousands

Best Mother of Thousands Variety

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum daigremontianum

This blue-green triangular leaves with brown-black spots look stunning in any collection. It is also popular as Mexican Hat Plant, Palm Tree Bryophyllum, and Devil’s Backbone.

2. Lavender Scallops 

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi

With metallic green leaves, this variety displays red or pink shades, too, under drought conditions or strong and direct sunlight. It also grows red and purple flowers in the right growing conditions. 

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3. Laetivirens Kalanchoe

Best Mother of Thousands Variety 2

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe laetivirens

Also popular as the Big Momma, this is a compact variety that grows to about 1-2 feet in height. Keep it in plenty of bright sunlight and use well-draining soil.

4. Mother-of-Millions


Botanical Name: Bryophyllum houghtonii

A close relative to the mother of thousands, this variety looks quite quick with its green and slightly pink leaves. It is a very robust plant and grows without any maintenance. 

5. Chandelier Plant

Best Mother of Thousands Variety 3

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum delagoense

This uncommon Mother of Thousands variety reproduces through plantlets. It can thrive almost anywhere, which makes it very easy to grow and maintain.

6. Donkey Ears 


Botanical Name: Bryophyllum gastonis bonnieri

With its waxy red candelabras, huge light-green foliage, and purple-blotched rosettes, this variety displays some of the biggest leaves on this list!

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7. Cathedral Bells

Best Mother of Thousands Variety 5

Botanical Name: Bryophyllum pinnatum

This succulent is unique due to the profusion of miniature plantlets on the leaf margins. For best growth, avoid keeping it in the shade and use a good quality succulent mix.

8. Marnier’s Kalanchoe 


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe marnieriana

This variety displays pretty green-blue leaves with slight red margins. Grow this prolific variety in full sunlight for those mesmerizing flowers! 

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9. Pink Mother of Millions

Best Mother of Thousands Variety 8

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe tubiflora

If you are a fan of pink color, then don’t miss the pink mother of millions! This succulent stands out with its pink and green foliage. Do keep in mind that it attains that deep pink hue only in intense sunlight.

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