18 Surprising Penny Uses for Home and Garden

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The rattling cents in your wallet can be useful for you in many ways! Learn more about brilliant Penny Uses for Home and Garden.

Penny Uses for Home and Garden

You can consider the coins lying around your home to be only worth either spending or putting them away in a jar or piggy bank for a change. However, there are a few genius hacks that you can try using them. Read on to know everything about the Penny Uses for Home and Garden!

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How a Penny Can be Useful in the Garden?

How a Penny Can be Useful in the Garden?

Penny contains pure copper, especially the ones minted between 1793-1837. However, the newer coins are made of zinc mostly.

Copper pennies are also crucial to the soil, plants, and flowers because of their antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, conductive, and biostatic properties. 

Why Plants Require Copper?

Copper is needed for several enzymatic plant activities, seed, and chlorophyll production. Its deficiency in soil can lead to increased chances of diseases like ergot, leading to a significant yield loss in small plants. 

It is also essential in plant respiration and helps in plant metabolism, making it crucial for plant growth.

Penny Uses for Home and Garden

1. Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

pennies keep flowrers fresh longer


Do you want to keep your garden bouquet thriving longer? Simply put a copper penny in the water. It will keep the bacteria at bay, ensuring the cuttings stay fresh for longer.

2. Remove Blight from Plants

penny can Remove Blight from Plants

According to research, one of the oldest substances used to control these pathogens is copper. Inserting a copper penny into the growing medium will keep it safe from blights.

Use pennies minted before 1983 as they are mostly copper. 

3. Soothe Bruises and Bumps

image showing penny can Soothe Bruises and Bumps

image showing penny can Soothe Bruises and Bumps

According to a study, copper is involved in numerous physiological and metabolic processes critical for the appropriate functioning of almost all tissues in the human body. This includes improvement in skin elasticity, reduction of facial fine line, and enhancement of wound healing by copper oxide embedded socks, and pillowcases.

Place as many copper pennies as you can find into a cotton sock. Then tie up the end using a rubber band and place it into the freezer. Let it sit in the freezer for several minutes till it becomes cold to the touch and dab it on the affected area. 

4. Squeaky Clean Utensils 

image showing penny can Squeaky Clean Utensils

Drop-in a few copper pennies and 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar into the pot or pan. Allow the two to sit in the vessel for 5-15 minutes. Use this solution to scrub utensils and make them shine like new again!

5. Make a Blingy Birdhouse Roof

Make a Blingy Birdhouse Roof by penny

Make water and weatherproof roof for a birdhouse using old coins. Simply stick them on the roof using glue. It can be a showstopper in your garden!

6. Stop Pup’s Annoying Barking

image showing Surprising Penny Uses

Put a few pennies in an empty can of soda and seal the can using duct tape. Whenever your dog starts barking, you can shake the can to make some noise.

The noise is enough to startle and stop the dog from barking unnecessaryy. 

7. Stabilize Wobbly Furniture

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 2

Some pieces of furniture, especially chairs, tend to become a bit shaky. So, the easiest fix is first to place a few pennies under the wobbly leg. Stick them using a super glue and you’re done!

8. Ensure Drapes Hang Straight

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 3

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 4

New curtains can be slightly crooked. Tuck in and sew a couple of pennies inside the hem’s bottom and watch them straighten out completely. 

9. Make a Makeshift Screwdriver

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 5

If you are in a car or at work and do not have your tool kit handy, a penny can be used as a potential screwdriver. When the penny is used at a proper angle, it can be used to get sufficient torque to loosen some screws or tighten them. 

10. Keep Flies Away

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 6

To get rid of the flies, fill in a clear plastic bag with water and add a few coins into it. Then, using a string, tie it up where it receives enough sunlight.

The light that reflects off the pennies tends to confuse the flies and thus, make them leave. 

12. Diagnose Tires

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 7

Slot a penny in between the ribs of the car tire with Lincoln’s head upside-down. Goodyear Tire says that the tire needs to be replaced immediately if you can witness all Lincoln’s heads above the tread.

To know more about this test, click here

13. Get Decorative

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 8

Copper accents are pretty trendy, and if you have a tall jar full of old coins, you can add them to your home decor. Stick them on the flower box to make it stand out.

Alternatively, you can add resin to the pennies to make a sparkling new coaster for your table. 

14. Make Buttons

image showing Surprising Penny Uses

You can easily use old coins to make trendy buttons for your jacket, pants, coats, and shirts. First, soak them in a bowl of vinegar and salt solution for 30-50 minutes and scrub them with an old brush. It will make it shine as new.

Drill two tiny holes into each penny and then sew them into the fabric.

Note: There are strict regulations that say it is illegal to make any alterations to the currency for any commercial purpose. So, do not sell these buttons. 

15. Make a Kitchen Wall Art

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 10

If you want quirky wall art in your house, then make one using pennies. You can make any shape of your liking and stick pennies to make it alive!

16. Frame them!

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 11

Have an old wooden frame in your house? Simply stick pennies to its border to transform it completely! Here’s a detailed DIY you can take help from.

17. Penny Tabletop

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 12

An old wooden table and loads of copper pennies are all you need to have a piece of art like this for your living room!

18. Gift a Penny Necklace

image showing Surprising Penny Uses 13

Make a copper penny necklace for that laid-back evening party. You can also gift it to your loved ones.

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