19 Plants that Look Like Rhubarb

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Plants that look like rhubarb are clever copycats that mimic its bold leaves and unique features. From Greater Burdock with its wavy leaves to Sorrel's vibrant green stems, these plants offer a similar charm but may have different uses. Beware of toxic look-alikes like Pokeweed, and enjoy decorative options like Brazilian Giant Rhubarb in gardens. Read more below.

Plants that Look Like Rhubarb are such smart doppelgängers that you will find it really hard to separate them apart!


With their bold, vibrant leaves and distinctive features, plants that look like rhubarb offer a unique charm of their own that sets them apart in a unique way!

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Plants that Look Like Rhubarb

1. Greater Burdock

Greater Burdock looks like rhuberb

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Greater Burdock is known for its large, wavy-edged leaves and vigorous growth, bearing a close resemblance to the foliage of rhubarb. It’s popular for its various culinary uses.

2. Burdock Weed

Plants that Look Like Rhubarb 2

Botanical Name: Arctium minus

Burdock Weed has broad, stretched-out leaves and a branching structure that mirrors the growth of rhubarb. With its lush appearance, it is a must-have cultivar on the list.

3. Skunk Cabbage

Plants Resembling Rhubarb

Botanical Name: Lysichiton americanus

Known for its unpleasant odor, its broad, lush foliage and stems closely mimic the shape and texture of rhubarb leaves, making it a convincing look-alike.

4. Broad-Leaved Dock

Broad-Leaved Dock like rhuberb

Botanical Name: Rumex obtusifolius

With its broad, slightly arrow-shaped leaves and reddish stems, this plant looks like a younger version of a rhubarb plant.

5. Blood Sorrel

Plants That Remind Me of Rhubarb

Botanical Name: Rumex sanguineus

Blood Sorrel has vivid red stems and arrow-shaped leaves, which closely resemble the rhubarb. However, it is not commonly used for culinary purposes like rhubarb.

6. Himalayan Honeysuckle

himalayan honeysuckle looks like rhuberb

Botanical Name: Leycesteria formosa

This ornamental shrub boasts graceful clusters of white flowers. Its resemblance to rhubarb is evident in the rich hue of its red-maroon stems and the overall growth pattern.

7. Bistort

Bistort looks like rhuberb

Botanical Name: Persicaria bistorta

Bistort thrives in damp environments and features elegant spikes of pink or white flowers. Its leaves bear a close resemblance to rhubarb leaves.

8. Canaigre Dock

Canaigre Dock looks like rhuberb

Botanical Name: Rumex hymenosepalus

The plant has red-maroon stems and arrow-shaped leaves, which makes it look quite like rhubarb. The similarity in color and leaf shape further makes it more appealing!

9. Swiss Chard

the greatest plants that resemble rhubarb

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla

This leafy vegetable, with expansive green leaves, closely mirrors the appearance of rhubarb. Its culinary uses and the array of colors make it more relatable.

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10. Sorrel

the sorrel plants that resemble rhubarb

Botanical Name: Rumex acetosa

Sorrel features slender stems and a vibrant green hue that closely resembles young rhubarb plants. This one is similar to Blood Sorrel but lacks those red veins.

11. Pokeweed

Botanical Name: Phytolacca americana

The veined leaves and red stems of Pokeweed bear a close resemblance to rhubarb. However, note that it is toxic to both humans and animals.

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12. Beetroot

the beetroot plants that resemble rhubarb

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris

The leaves of beetroot plants resemble rhubarb because of their large and crinkled appearance. The edible roots of this plant are quite popular in the culinary world!

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13. Bog Rhubarb

the Bog rhubard plants that resemble rhubarb

Botanical Name: Petasites japonicus

The plant earns its name from its similar-looking foliage to rhubarb. It thrives in moist,  environments and is often chosen for its decorative value in the gardens.

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14. Brazilian Giant Rhubarb

top Plants That Remind Me of Rhubarb

Botanical Name: Gunnera manicata

The Brazilian Giant Rhubarb lives up to its name with enormous leaves that strongly resemble rhubarb in shape. These foliage can reach up to 10 feet in diameter!

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15. Indian Rhubarb

the greatest plants that resemble rhubarb 1

Botanical Name: Darmera peltata

Its large and circular leaves resemble the true rhubarb, which makes it a visually appealing option for gardens. It also grows umbrella-like clusters of pink or white flowers.

16. Monk’s Rhubarb

Rhubarb-Looking Plants Monk's Rhubard

Botanical Name: Rumex alpinus

Also known as Alpine Dock, it bears similarities to true rhubarb with its sizable, heart-shaped leaves. The non edible foliage of this cultivar contributes to garden aesthetics.

17. Dogbane

Rhubarb-Looking Plants 2

Botanical Name: Apocynum spp.

Certain species of Dogbane can have leaves that resemble rhubarb, however, with a broader shape and deep green color. Handle it with caution due to its toxicity.

18. Chilean Rhubarb

Plants That Remind Me of Rhubarb 1

Botanical Name: Gunnera tinctoria

Chilean Rhubarb’s big leaves and deeply lobed appearance resemble rhubarb. This plant’s size and tropical aura make it a beautiful addition to gardens.

19. Japanese Knotweed

Plants that Look Like Rhubarb 3

Botanical Name: Reynoutria japonica

It boasts broad, heart-shaped leaves with slightly ruffled edges like rhubarb. This one is considered an invasive species in many areas and should be managed carefully.

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