33 Pinterest Garden Hacks that Actually Work!

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Here are some of the best low-cost Pinterest Garden Hacks that you can use easily to add a beautiful appeal to your yard!

Check out some really worthy Pinterest Garden Hacks that you can try with ease without burning a hole in your pocket!

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Pinterest Garden Hacks

1. Self-Watering Seedling Planter

Pinterest Garden Hacks

This self-watering seedling pot, with a biodegradable coffee filter, soaks water from the saucer and reduces the need for watering frequently.

2. Recycle Overripe Banana- Hang it in the Garden


Instead of throwing overripe bananas in the trash can, hang them in the garden and attract butterflies.

3. Old Shoe Planter

Pinterest Garden Hacks 2

Recycle your old pair of shoes by transforming them into a planter for your garden plants.

4. Make Your Own Sprinkler

Beat the harsh summer heat by making your own sprinkle from a sturdy plastic bottle. Check the DIY here.

5. PVC Pipe to Aerate Compost

Pinterest Garden Hacks 3

Build this secret weapon by simply purchasing a PVC pipe, drilling some holes into it, and inserting it in a compost bin or cage for good air circulation.

6. Tree Stump Planter

Tree stump planter not only looks attractive but also gives your garden a distinct look. Follow this tutorial here for making your own.

Here are some creative things you can do with Tree Stumps

7. Deter Squirrels from Bird Feeder

Pinterest Garden Hacks 4

Squirrels are annoying and become a big problem when they ruin wooden or plastic feeders and attack on birdseed. You can repel them by trying this hack.

8. Repel Earwigs

Get rid of earwigs by following the simple hack from liquid dish detergent and newspaper. Check details here.

9. Solve Garden Issues with a Cinnamon Jar

Pinterest Garden Hacks 5

Bring your cinnamon jar in the garden, repel fungus gnats, control wild mushrooms, and use this aromatic spice as a rooting hormone. Check the hack here.

10. Listerine Hack

It’s not just a mouthwash – Listerine has many other great uses in the garden as well. Check the best Listerine hacks here.

11. Kill Molds with Vinegar & Borax

Pinterest Garden Hacks 6

You can get rid of ugly molds by this simple hack – mix 2 tablespoon borax, 1/4 cup white vinegar, and 2 cups hot water in a bowl, fill the solution in a spray bottle and use on the affected area.

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12. Homemade Grub Worm Remover

Grub worms destroy lush lawns by chewing the tender grassroots. You can kill them naturally by following this easy hack!

13. Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden

Pinterest Garden Hacks 7

Want to stop your feline from using the flower bed as a toilet? You can find all the details here.

14. Keep Moles Away

Moles can be devastating for your garden. You can deter them by following the simple tricks here.

15. Have Unlimited Tomatoes in Just 4 Slices

Pinterest Garden Hacks 8

Tomatoes have many uses in the kitchen – from salads to pasta to soups, this vegetable boosts the flavor of every cuisine. You can have an uninterrupted supply of tomatoes in only 4 slices. Learn the hack here.

16. Test Soil pH

Check your soil is acidic or alkaline without a soil testing kit with this easy hack. Check the details here.

17. Hydrate Pollinators

Pinterest Garden Hacks 9

Do you know bees drink water, and they search for a safe medium for hydration. You can build a bee waterer in your garden by following the tutorial here.

18. Keep Chipmunks Away

If chipmunks annoy you in the garden, follow these clever hacks and keep them away from your yard. Read details here.

19. Prevent Pests from Coffee Grounds

Pinterest Garden Hacks 10

Repel pesky pests like snails, slugs, and ants away from your garden with used coffee grounds.

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20.  Amend Clay Soil

Clay soil is made up of fine, compact soil particles that turn hard and become tough to drain. Follow this hack and improve clay soil here.

21. Baking Soda Hacks

Pinterest Garden Hacks 11

Baking soda has many wonderful uses in the garden. You can use it to deter pests, as fertilizer, and promote blooming.

Check out our article on Baking Soda uses in the garden here

22. Vaseline Hacks

Apart from healing rough skin, this greasy white gel has many uses in the garden as well! Read in detail here.

23. Build Butterfly Feeder

Pinterest Garden Hacks 12

Attract butterflies to your yard by making a butterfly feeder. Check details here.

24. Baby Powder Hack

Do you know baby powder can be used in the garden to repel pests, ants, rabbits, and prevent root rot? We have a great article on it here.

25. Diaper Garden Hack

Pinterest Garden Hacks 13

It might be sounding ridiculous, but diapers can be used in the garden for growing plants and in case of overwatering as well. Check this amazing hack here.

26. IKEA Garden Hack

Give a new look to your IKEA products into garden-related items for a beautiful, eye-catching view. Check this post here.

27. Foot Washing Hack in the Garden

Pinterest Garden Hacks 14

Gardeners find it difficult and messy to walk into the home from the garden with dirty and muddy feet. Well, your problem is solved! Follow this easy hack.

28. Potatoes in Tower

Growing potatoes vertically in a tower helps you save space, and provides a fresh, abundant harvest. Find details here.

29. Rain Barrel

Pinterest Garden Hacks 15

Save rainwater by using a water drum, attaching a screen cover, and drilling some holes. Read in detail here.

30. Underwear Garden Hack

It may sound weird, but you can check soil quality with this simple hack without using gadgets. Find details here.

31. Self Watering Hack

A self-watering system will make sure that your plants are not neglected even while you are away. It is one of the best Pinterest Garden Hacks you can use!

Check out some awesome self-watering ideas here

32. Orange Peels in the Garden

Don’t throw orange peels after squeezing the juice as they have many uses in the garden as well. Follow the hack here.

33. Air Fresheners Hack

Follow this wonderful hack and have a fresh fragrant breeze in your home without using chemical-based air fresheners. See the hack here.

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