20 Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps | DIY Tree Stump Ideas

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After knowing these 20 Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps, you’ll find yourself lucky if you’ve got some of them in your backyard!

Nothing like using something in a creative way that you thought to discard earlier. A tree stump is one such thing that might look like a complete waste at first glance, but it is actually not! Here are some clever and Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps! Of course, if you don’t have tree stumps, you can buy them to complete these DIYs.

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Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps

1. Transform the Tree Stump Into a Planter

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps

This blog post here will guide you on how to create a tree stump planter step by step. Also, check out more tree stump planter projects in this post.

2. Illuminated Tree Stumps

Go to Country Living to find out how these tree stump lamps were made. One of its kind of tutorials is here!

3. Fairy House from an Ugly Tree Stump

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 2

How about making a tree stump fairy house instead of removing it? Watch the tutorial here.

4. DIY Glow in the Dark Tree Stump Campfire Stools

Make these glow-in-the-dark campfire stools to create adventure in your next camping. Visit wikiHow for the tutorial.

5. Fairy Garden in a Stump

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 3

A Fairy Garden in a tree stump is the best way to add a sweet little corner to your garden!

6. Mosaic Garden Stump

How about converting a boring-looking stump into a gleaming top of mosaic! It can be used as a table too! Details here.

7. Tree Stump Tic Tac Toe Garden Table

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 4

Add a wooden top to the stump and decorate it with stones by painting them like ladybugs! Check out how to make it here!

8. Birdbath From an Old Tree Stump

Want to attract birds in your garden? A tree stump will come in handy. Hgtv has a nice idea for you!

9. Container Garden on a Tree Stump

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 5

With supplies like a wired basket, moss, and soil, you can make your own container garden on a tree stump! This amazing idea is here!

10. Decorative Tree Stump Side Table

This video is going to help you in building a beautiful side table from a tree trunk!

11. Tree Stump Gnome House

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 6

Want to make something creative out of a tree that you cut in your backyard? Check out this video to transform the tree stump into a gnome house!

12. Tree Trunk Candle Holder

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 30

Don’t let the discarded trunks cut from Christmas trees go to waste, and use them creatively as candle stands for your living room. Click here for details.

13. Tree Stump Coffee Table

This coffee table is the rustiest and classy you can get with a tree stump. Just make sure you are getting a wide one for this.

14. Funky Tree Trunk Shelf

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 35

This could be a great addition to your kid’s room, or you can simply put one out for the readers to share their books! Details are here.

15. Tree Trunk Stools

These square tree trunk stools are going to be a wonderful addition to your home bar or kitchen. Check out this DIY for details.

16. Wooden Tree Trunk Clock

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 40

Take a slice off a tree trunk, and use a CNC router to engrave the numbers and words into the wood. More details are here.

17. Rolling Plant Stand

All you need is a tree stump, chain Saw, sanding Pad, wood topcoat, castor wheels, and a drill for this DIY and move your plants around with style.

18. Tree Stump Bulb Stand

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 45

Smoothen out the rough parts of a tree stump, make a wire connection, and drill bulb holder for a fantastic wooden bulb display!

19. Tree Stump Mini Chairs

Some old tree stumps, drill, plywood, staple gun, and cotton batting, along with few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

20. Stump Solar Lights

Creative Things to Do with Tree Stumps 50

Attach solar lights to tall tree stumps and place them near an entrance or garden for a beautiful display. For details, click here.

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