Philodendron Florida Ghost Care

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Here’s all the information you need about Philodendron Florida Ghost Care to maintain this evergreen plant without any fuss!

Philodendron Florida Ghost Care

If you want a beautiful plant that brings a tropical vibe indoors with its large serrated leaves, then this guide on Philodendron Florida Ghost Care will surely help you!

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Philodendron Florida Ghost

A unique plant and an evergreen hybrid, Philodendron Florida Ghost is an outstanding vine climber. The stems are longer than other philodendrons, and the leaves stand out due to their lobed edges.

This plant gets its distinctive name from the different shades of maturation. As it starts to grow, the leaves are entirely white. As they mature, they turn to lemon yellow and then to a darker hue of green.

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Requirements for Growing Philodendron Florida Ghost 



For best growth, keep it at a spot that gets bright but indirect light. If you place it under direct sunlight, it can cause scorch marks, burns, and even withering leaves.

So, always place it near a North-facing window, and it will receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis.


Use a well-draining medium that’s also rich in organic matter. If you are using regular garden soil, amend it with compost and coco peat. You can also mix perlite for better drainage.


Water your Philodendron Florida Ghost about once a week. If the soil stays dry for a while, it can kill the plant. But, it is possible that overwatering will affect your plant too.

If there is waterlogging near the roots, then this can cause root rot. In this case, stop watering for a while and see how the condition improves.

Humidity & Temperature

Just like its natural habitat, this Philodendron loves high humidity. If the air in your area is dry, fill a tray with pebbles and halfway water. This will create extra moisture around your plant.

These plants are susceptible to low temperatures, so ensure to bring the plant indoors to prevent any cold shock.

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 Philodendron Florida Ghost Care

Philodendron Florida Ghost Care 2
Urban Jungle Rio


Since the growth is relatively slow, you don’t have to worry much about feeding the plant. To boost the growth, use a balanced liquid fertilizer once in 4-5 weeks, after diluting it to 1/4 of its strength. Avoid feeding the plant in winter. 

Pests and Diseases

Look out for spider mites, mealybugs, thrips, and scales. They can cause severe damage to the foliage. Use rubbing alcohol or apply insecticidal liquid soaps and neem oil spray to get rid of them.

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Air Purifying Aspect

Along with the beauty, the Florida Ghost also purifies the air well. As the day progresses, the stomata open up and convert all the CO2 into Oxygen, a considerable life-changer for humans.

Another plus point is that this Philodendron can clean elements such as Formaldehyde and other toxins in the air

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