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8 Fantastic Indoor Philodendron Benefits

Here are the best Indoor Philodendron Benefits that will surely tempt you to add this evergreen beauty to your indoor plant collection!

If there is one houseplant type that comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes, then Philodendron is the first name that would cross your mind! What’s more, these Indoor Philodendron Benefits will give you more than enough reasons to make it a part of your interior!

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Indoor Philodendron Benefits

1. Improves Air Quality


The University of Florida article states that indoor plants improve air quality. It is an excellent plant to remove formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene, and xylene from the indoor air, along with several other VOCs.

You can grow big foliage philodendrons as their massive, glossy leaves look great while cleaning off harmful pollutants from the air while improving oxygen levels.

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2. Low Maintenance


Varieties of this big houseplant genus only demand basic care year-round. Just keep the soil slightly moist and place it where it gets bright indirect light. You also don’t have to prune it a lot, nor have to re-pot it every year.

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3. Adaptable in Nature


Most houseplants do not take it easy when you move them from one place to another and take their own sweet time to adapt, getting pale and stunting their growth in the process.

Philodendrons don’t mind when you shift them around. They adapt beautifully in shady locations when moved from outdoor areas.

These plants can withstand most light conditions except direct sunlight and dark spots that don’t receive any indirect light. They do well in bright filtered light that comes through sheer drapes. You can grow philodendrons in any such room where you can read a book without any artificial light.

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4. Can Be Grown in Water


One more benefit of philodendron is you can grow this lovely houseplant in water without the mess of soil. The trailing vines look gorgeous in transparent vases and jars, making a great addition to the tabletop centerpiece.

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5. Boosts Humidity & Reduces Dry Air in Homes

Dry air in the home can cause many health issues—philodendrons have a good transpiration rate that can be increased by a light misting the leaves once a week.

Philodendrons are also great at absorbing harmful chemicals from the air.

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6. One of the Best Low-Light Plant


Heartleaf philodendron can be an effective and beautiful addition to any room with low light as it can survive well in such conditions. There are many other varieties, but heart-leaf is most popular and effective when it comes to indoor plants that grow without sunlight.

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7. Makes a Bold Impression as a Centerpiece


If you want a larger-than-life feel in your decor, then include a tree philodendron in your home! It can be a great centerpiece as it attains an impressive height. Keep the plant in an area with indirect light.

8. It Brings Positivity


A study by the Chungnam National University, Korea, states that interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in adults.

Plants like Philodendrons help in the suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable soothed feeling.

Philodendrons have beautiful large leaves that resemble the shape of hearts—they also portray the ‘fire element’ in Feng Shui–one of the reasons why this plant brings positive and healthy energy to the home.


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