16 Best Mini Monstera Varieties | Best Rhaphidophora Types

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Check out the Best Rhaphidophora Varieties and make a statement in your plant collection with these stubby Mini Monsteras!

If you want small green specimens for coffee tables or shelves, then check out these Best Rhaphidophora Varieties! These Mini Monsteras are stunning!

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Best Rhaphidophora Varieties

 1. Rhaphidophora tetrasperma ‘variegata’

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties

Popular as mini Monstera and Monstera ginny, it produces deeply serrated foliage with rhombic holes near the midrib. This variety looks like a miniature version of monstera deliciosa, making it perfect for small spaces.

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2. Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

If you want a dark green specimen, this is the plant on the list! It grows up to 2-4 feet in the right conditions and looks fabulous while trailing on support.

3. Rhaphidophora decursiva

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 2

Also known as philodendron decursiva, it displays oval, green leaves that turn gigantic and split asymmetrically after maturity.

For deep color on the foliage, make sure it gets plenty of bright but indirect light on a daily basis.

4. Rhaphidophora cryptantha


This charming Rhaphidophora lianas display heart-shaped dark green to velvety green foliage with silver or gray markings.

It resembles Monstera dubia, except for the silvery sheen. The mature foliage has fenestrations.

5. Rhaphidophora pertusa

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 3

This cultivar shows off green foliage that can be oblong, oval, or elliptic-oblong. With maturity, the leaves turn large, unevenly pinnatifid, and get fenestrations.

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6. Rhaphidophora korthalsii


Also known as Rhaphidophora celatocaulis, this variety offers lance-shaped foliage with a heart-like base. At maturity, it stops singling and displays erect and deeply split leaves.

7. Rhaphidophora foraminifera

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 4

This charming variety forms oblong green leaves that create round rhombic holes near the rib as it ages. It stays compact, and you can further control its growth by keeping it in a small pot.

8. Rhaphidophora pachyphylla


This climber offers oval and leathery foliage. Contrary to other plants in this genus, it keeps a juvenile look and does not change at maturity but may turn a bit larger when it climbs.

9. Rhaphidophora tenuis

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 5

This specimen has semicircular green foliage that grows more slender as it ages. As the plant matures, the leaves split and get color variations on the surface.

10. Rhaphidophora hayi


It offers leathery and oval foliage that does not modify morphologically with age. The plant also shows off a little variegation on its leaves once it matures.

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11. Rhaphidophora beccarii

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 6

This Rhaphidophora boasts oblong foliage that splits into different shapes as the plant matures. You can also train it easily to climb up shelves.

12. Rhaphidophora latevaginata


This robust evergreen climber shows off deep green foliage that’s densely packed on top of each other. Given the right growing conditions, it can easily achieve a height of 3-5 feet indoors.

13. Rhaphidophora maingayi

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 7

This woody climber grows up to 3-5 feet long and exhibits leaflets that grow in the outward direction. For best colors and growth, ensure it gets a minimum of 1-2 hours of bright and direct light daily.

14. Rhaphidophora angustata


This variety exhibits long dark green leaves that fade with age; the foliage has deep venation. Grow this plant in a rich, organic, loamy soil.

15. Rhaphidophora australasica

Best Rhaphidophora Varieties 8

This beautiful creeping vine features narrow, glossy, deep green leaves. It prefers bright, and indirect, filtered light.

16. Rhaphidophora monticola


Rhaphidophora Monticola is appreciated for the elongated, strong stems, deep veins, and texture of the dark green leaves.

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