23 Best Types of Zinnia Varieties

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Here are the Best Types of Zinnia Varieties that you can grow in your garden for a vivid display of its bright and colorful flowers!

If you like the pop of colors in your garden and want to include the best flowers for it, then check out these Best Types of Zinnia Varieties!

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Best Types of Zinnia Varieties

1. Cactus Flower Mix

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties

This beautiful zinnia cultivar offers quill-like, narrow, curved petals in various shades of pink, scarlet, orange, yellow, and white.

2. Big Red

‘Big Red’ displays big scarlet blooms and flowers fast in just 30-35 days after germination in favorable conditions. The blossoms fade to deep orange with time.

3. Color Crackle

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 2

Also known as Mexican zinnia, ‘Color Crackle’ showcases bicolor show through burgundy and white bicolor one to two-inch double blossoms.

4. California Giant Mix

‘California Giant’ boasts 5-6 inches across blossoms in yellow, pink, red, and orange hues. This variety takes a bit longer time to mature than other cultivars.

5. Double Zahara Yellow

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 4

‘Double Zahara Yellow’ exhibits double, large, globe-type bright yellow blooms on tall stems. It is one of the Best Types of Zinnia Varieties!

6. Crystal White

‘White’ from the crystal series offer daisy-like flowers, white petals, and a yellow center. Orange and yellow petaled zinnias are also pretty options.

7. Dahlia Flower Mix

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 8

This heirloom variety was introduced in 1919. It forms flowers packed with downward curving petals on long stems–the large blooms look adorable.

8. Envy

If you desire green flowers, then this is for you! This heirloom variety of Zinnia elegans shows off bright chartreuse petals on pretty blossoms with a yellow center.

9. Peppermint Stick

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 10

‘Peppermint Stick’ stands out with stripes and flecks, a colorful fusion showcasing blooms mottled in red and white. You can also find it in combos of scarlet, pink, crimson, yellow, and orange.

10. Queeny Lime Orange

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 11

This new Zinnia elegans cultivar won the All America Selections Award in 2018 and a Fleuroselect Gold Medal. It flaunts distinct tricolor blooms that flourish best in full sun.

11. Profusion Cherry

It is a Zinnia elegans x Angustifolia hybrid that features cherry red single blossoms with yellow centers.

‘Profusion Cherry’ is an All America Selection gold medal winner in the flower category in 1999 and Fleuroselect Gold Medal and Novelty Award winner.

12. State Fair Mix

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 12

‘State Fair Mix’ displays a show of color in audacious hues of yellow, orange, rose, rust, purple, and gold. In favorable conditions, it can grow quite tall.

13. Swizzle Ivory and Cherry


You will adore the starburst effects of ‘Ivory and Cherry.’ This beautiful dwarf variety from the Swizzle series boasts four-inch, big, semi-double flowers.

14. Zowie Yellow Flame

Best Types of Zinnia Varieties 13

This zinnia variety resembles famous summertime bloomer gaillardia. ‘Yellow Flame’ offers semi-double blossoms that are scarlet at the base of the petals and orange at the tips.

15. Zinderella Lilac


This pompom, fluffy blossoms look adorable in pastel pink and purple, fully double and semi-double plumed cultivar of Z. scabiosa. It has also won the Fleuroselect Novelty Award.

16. Pop Art

‘Pop Art’ shows off large, golden blooms speckled with red on tall stems, the blossoms last long in water and make for superb cut flowers.

17. Purple Prince

This tall cultivar shows off stunning double blooms in magenta with a lime green center. You can grow it with tall-growing annuals or fill the gaps in borders.

18. Soleado

‘Soleado’ carries masses of single orange blooms on sturdy stems. You can grow it easily as this cultivar is tolerant to rain and flowers till the first frost.

19. Aztec Sunset

This variety bears double blooms in a range of colors on bushy dwarf plants. It also has good water resistance. You can grow it on a sunny border or plant it on the patio in pots.

20. Red Spider

‘Red Spider Zinnia’ is a dainty, spider-like variety with scalloped blooms in a fierce red hue. It is one of the Best Types of Zinnia Varieties!

21. Early Wonder

Gardeners’ World

This Zinnia variety offers a blend of single and semi-double blooms in bright pink and yellow to red shades.

22. Queen Red Lime

This beautiful zinnia displays red blooms with lime tips to each petal border. Grow it to fill gaps in borders or containers.

23. Sprite Mix

‘Sprite Mix’ boasts semi-double blooms in red, pink, and orange-yellow. It makes for great cut flowers too!

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