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19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden

Here’s the list of them most Fragrant Climbers that you can grow on the walls of your house for a vivid display and scent!

These Fragrant Climbers are all you need to cover the bland walls around your home and garden with style! Keep on reading to know about the ones with most beautiful and ‘scent-full’ blooms!

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Most Fragrant Climbers

1. Sweet Peas

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 1

Botanical Name: Lathyrus odoratus

This fragrant climber gives a swift burst of hues and aroma in the garden. It also makes great cut flowers. Grow it along a pillar or trellis.

2. Star Jasmine


Botanical Name: Trachelospermum jasminoides

This hardy, evergreen, woody climber displays dark green foliage and sweet-scented summer blooms. It grows best against sunny walls to protect it from intense frost.

3. Chocolate Vine

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 2

Botanical Name: Akebia quinata

This fragrant climber offers chocolate maroon blooms releasing a spicy scent with a hint of vanilla, grow it against a sunny wall to safeguard the blooms from late frosts.

4. Climbing Roses


Botanical Name: Rosa

There are man climbing varieties of roses that yoy can grow. These fragrant climber emit a strong scent, and the buds open in double or single blooms.

5. Rubromarginata Clematis

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 3

Botanical Name: Clematis x triternata ‘Rubromarginata’

This clematis shows off almond-scented white blooms with red margins from mid-summer to early fall. This fragrant climber thrives well in dry shade.

6. Armandii Clematis


Botanical Name: Clematis armandii

It features lance-shaped long leaves that rapidly cover a fence or wall during early spring. Grow it near a doorway or open window to feel the evening scent.

7. Honeysuckle

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 4

Botanical Name: Lonicera

This fragrant climber releases an amazing fragrance on a midsummer evening, making this climber an apt option in the garden.

8. Montana Clematis

Botanical Name: Clematis montana

This beautiful climber is a perfect choice for covering ugly fences and walls. You can train it up trellis and pergolas. It blooms from late spring to early summer.

9. Wisteria

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 5

Botanical Name: Wisteria floribunda ‘Multijuga’

This variety is less vigorous than Chinese wisteria, and offers pendant-shaped clusters of scented pea-like, lilac purple blossoms in spring.

10. Jasmine

Botanical Name: Jasminum

Jasmine boasts exquisitely scent blooms from mid-summer to early fall. This fragrant climber can be grown over a porch, shed, arbor, or other outbuildings.

11.  Sausage Vine

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 6

Botanical Name: Holboellia coriacea

This frost-hardy evergreen climber produces fragrant flowers in a pale pink hue from April to May with charming palmate leaves. It blooms best in sun but is also grown in shade.

12. Mube Vine


Botanical Name: Stautonia hexaphylla

This pretty fragrant climber displays bold leaves on twining stems and cream-hued, violet-tinged, fresh blooms with sweet, fruity scent.

13. Chilean Jasmine

19 Most Fragrant Climbers for Walls in the Garden 7

Botanical Name: Mandevilla laxa

This deciduous South American offers clusters of pure white blooms with sweet fragrances mainly during night late in summer.

14. Pandora Vine


Botanical Name: Pandorea jasminoides

Also known as bower vine, this fragrant climber offers pink-white trumpet-shaped blooms from early spring to late fall.

15. Snail Vine

Botanical Name: Vigna caracalla

Native to Venezuela, this hardy vine grows best in hot humid conditions. The light purple blooms with curlicue feature release a scent similar to lilies.

16. Arabian Jasmine


Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

This fast-growing fragrant climber offers serene perfumed white blooms over contrasting green foliage. It grows best in warm regions but can be planted in pots in cold weather.

17. Star of Bethlehem

Botanical Name: Solanum jasminoides

This flowering vine exhibit beautiful white or blue blossoms emitting honey-sweet perfume. Keep in mind that it is toxic, so handle it safely.

 18. Lilac Vine

Botanical Name: Hardenbergia violacea

This easy-to-grow, drought-tolerant fragrant climber features fragrant purple blooms that remind of the beautiful wisteria.

19. Climbing Hydrangea

Botanical Name: Hydrangea anomala petiolaris

Last on the list of fragrant climbers, this deciduous vine grows vigorously and produces white perfumed blooms.

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