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How To Make An Indoor Home Yoga Studio

Make your own Indoor Yoga Studio or “Yoga Sanctuary” in your urban home to bring nature inside and perform Yoga poses and Pranayam in peace.

Make your own Indoor Yoga Studio or "Yoga Sanctuary" in your urban home to bring nature inside and perform Yoga poses and Pranayam in peace.

Yoga is not just an exercise but an ancient science born thousands of years ago in the Indian subcontinent. Practicing its poses and breathing exercises not only helps with your physical well-being but also affect your mind and soul.

Create Your Own Indoor Yoga Studio

If Yoga is a part of your lifestyle, you already know how blissful you feel after regular sessions. Yoga is best performed in nature so that you can fill your lungs with fresh air and refresh your body functions.

You can go to any nearby Yoga studio or Yoga sanctuary, and if you have your own garden, much better. But, what to do if you live in an urban setting, in a city apartment? Or, the weather is not right outside? The answer is creating your own Indoor Yoga Studio!

The Ideal Indoor Location

Indoor Home Yoga Studio

Your ideal indoor location for setting up a yoga studio should be airy with a window or two so that sunlight and morning air can penetrate inside. There are many Yoga poses or “asanas” that are performed under the sunlight.

The Interior

How to Make Home Yoga Studio

An open room that is bright and well lit is wonderful. You can imitate the style of temples and monasteries to get the feeling. Simple country style decor with lots of greenery will work well. Adding Jain, Buddhist, or Hindu symbols will improve the interior. Also, select a comfortable Yoga mat to save yourself from strains.

Grow Air Purifying Plants

DIY Yoga Sanctuary Design

Deep breathing is required during Yoga Asanas and Pranayama, and having indoor air purifying plants can improve the quality of indoor air by reducing VOCs and particulate matter. Installing an air purifier will further enhance it and make the space more breathable.

What are the Plants You Should Grow

You can grow plants that were the part of the famous NASA clean air study. Some of them are Snake plant, Peace lily, Golden pothos, Spider plant, Aloe vera, Philodendron, Bamboo palm, and Chrysanthemum. The list is long, which you can read here.

Apart from air purifying plants, you can also grow some mood lifting and positive energy plants like Rosemary, Jasmine, Basil, Geranium, Lavender, Lucky bamboo, Roses, Orchids, etc.

Note: When selecting plants, take care of their toxicity, if you have curious pets and toddlers.

Variety of Forms and Structures

Your Yoga Studio must not be boring. It should imbibe interest and focus. Grow houseplants of different textures and heights. Give space to tall indoor plants like Fiddle leaf fig and cascading plants like the string of beads. Ferns can be grown indoors, too.

Place large, narrow, and small planters, along with hanging baskets. To make them more colorful, you can use macrame plant hangers. If you love plants and there is enough sunlight, create an urban jungle-like appearance, which will introduce a sense of calmness in your mind.


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