19 Best Japanese Plants for Your Garden

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Here are the Best Japanese Plants for Your Garden that will bring an extraordinary appeal to your green bed. Read on to get the details!

If you want to bring home traditional gardening aesthetics, these are the Best Japanese Plants for Your Garden that are worth your efforts. They are all pretty and easy-growing species!

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Best Japanese Plants for Your Garden

1. Buddha Belly Bamboo

Japanese Plants for Your Garden 1

Botanical Name: Bambusa ventricosa

A uniquely structured plant that looks like multiple rings attached together. It comes in a glossy emerald-green texture and is a must-add to your garden.

2. Japanese Boxwood

Japanese Boxwood in your garden

Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla

An evergreen shrub that features small, thick, and glossy green leaves. Grow the plant in a well-draining medium for lush foliage throughout the year.

3. Japanese Quince


Botanical Name: Chaenomeles japonica

Japanese Quince is covered with several pretty pink flowers during the spring and will light your garden with its captivating fragrance.

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4 . Garden Juniper

Garden Juniper plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’

A perfect ground cover to fill the empty spaces in your garden, Garden Juniper will give the perfect manicure to your garden with its tiny clusters of needle-like leaves.

5. Japanese Cobra Lily

Japanese Plants for Your Garden 5

Botanical Name: Arisaema thumbergii supsp Urashima

A strange-looking plant that takes the perfect shape of a cobra with its burgundy shoot and white tongue backed by a green cobra-head-shaped leaf.

6. Azalea

Azela plants for your garden


Botanical Name: Rhododendron

A flowering shrub with clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers in pink, yellow, red, white, and purple shades. Azalea grows best in well-draining, acidic soil.

7. Camelia

camelia plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Camellia japonica

Camelia japonica offers spectacular light pink to white blossoms on glossy green foliage. Grow the plant in well-draining soil for the best blooms.

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8. Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Prunus serrulata

An ornamental plant that offers pink and white blooms in the spring and will fill your garden with its pleasing aroma.

9. Hydrangea

hydrangea plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Hydrangea

It blooms beautiful blossoms that hover between pink and blue depending on the soil pH.

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10. Hosta

hosta plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Hosta

Hostas are lush groundcovers popular in almost every Japanese landscape and feature mint-green heart-shaped leaves outlined in a dark green shade.

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11. Iris

Iris plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Iris germanica

Iris are beautiful Japanese flowering plants that produce tall stalks of myriad coloring varieties. They can be your best bet if you have a well-draining and moist garden spot.

12. Lavender

Japanese Plants for Your Garden 12
shutterstock/meirion matthias

Botanical Name: Lavandula

A flowering shrub that shows off masses of lilac, blue, or purple flowers on grey-green foliage. Lavenders are the best varieties to grow along the borders of your garden.

13. Chinese Snowball

Chinese Snowball plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Viburnum plicatum

This Japanese variety will fill your garden with large, snowy white blooms on soft green foliage. Grow the plant in a sunny spot to enjoy large flowers.

14. Box Honeysuckle

box Honeysuckle plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Lonicera nitida

Box Honeysuckle features fragrant creamy-white flowers on dense evergreen shrubs. Grow this on a sandy medium to enjoy lush ground cover.

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15. Leopard Plant

leopard plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Farfugium japonicum

The Leopard Plant is a large foliage groundcover that grows best along coastal areas and prefers rich organic medium.

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16. Japanese Rock Hosta

Japanese Plants for Your Garden 16
shutterstock/Che Media

Botanical Name: Hosta hybrid ‘Japanese Rock’

Japanese Rock Hosta is a perennial plant known for its large, blue-green leaves and its tolerance for shade. The plant produces lavender flowers on tall spikes and is suitable for planting in borders, woodland gardens, and as a ground cover.

17. Japanese Aralia

Aralia plants for your door step

Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica

With large, glossy, palmate leaves and white or yellow flowers that bloom in the fall and winter.

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18. Japanese Persimmon

Japanese plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Diospyros kaki

Best known for its orange, round fruit, the Japanese Persimmon prefers well-drained, fertile soil and full sun to partial shade.

19. Japanese Mock Orange

Japanese Mock Orange plants for your garden

Botanical Name: Pittosporum tobira

Pittosporum tobira, also known as Japanese Pittosporum or Mock Orange, is known for its glossy, dark green leaves and its small, white, fragrant flowers that bloom in the spring.

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