25 Best Purple Hostas | Hostas with Purple Flowers and Leaves

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Check out the Best Purple Hostas with eye-catching hues in their foliage and flowers that will surely add a vivid appeal to any garden!

Join us as we explore the Best Purple Hostas with spectacular lilac hues in their flowers and leaves!

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Best Purple Hostas 

1. Purple Haze

Best Purple Hostas

With its smoky purple-grey leaves and lavender flowers, ‘Purple Haze’ is one of the Best Purple Hostas and a unique and striking addition to any garden.

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2. Purple Heart

The deep purple heart-shaped leaves of this hosta are stunningly beautiful, especially when paired with its delicate lavender flowers, making it a must-have for any gardener.

3. Royal Standard

Best Purple Hostas 3

Majestic and stately, ‘Royal Standard boasts large, lush green leaves and delicate lavender flowers that lend a regal beauty to any garden.

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4. First Frost

Its lavender flowers add a delicate touch of color to the garden, making it a top choice among the Best Purple Hostas list.

5. Stained Glass

Best Purple Hostas 5

It has gold leaves with a green margin that surrounds a translucent white center, creating the effect of stained glass, while its lavender flowers add a pop of color.

6. Color Festival

A true festival of color, this hosta features green leaves with bright yellow margins that turn cream-white as the season progresses, while its lavender flowers add a burst of beauty.

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7. Paradigm

Best Purple Hostas 7

With its stunning gold leaves edged in deep green, ‘Paradigm’ is a standout hosta, especially when paired with its delicate lavender flowers that bloom in late summer.

8. Elegans

The huge blue-green leaves of ‘Elegans’ are stunningly beautiful, while its lavender flowers add a delicate touch of color.

9. June

One of the most popular hostas available, ‘June’ features striking blue-green leaves with a yellow margin that transitions to creamy white as the season progresses.

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10. Dream Weaver

Best Purple Hostas 10

The ‘Dream Weaver’ is a beautiful hosta that boasts thick, textured blue-green leaves with a striking creamy-white margin, while its lavender flowers add a touch of beauty.

11. Empress Wu

With broad and lush green leaves that can grow up to four feet wide, the ‘Empress Wu’ Hosta reigns supreme in the garden, commanding attention with its impressive size.

12. Sugar Plum

Best Purple Hostas 12

Sugar plum offers a bunch of purple flowers that match really well with its light green foliage. For best blooms, make sure it gets plenty of indirect light.

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13. Krossa Regal


The ‘Krossa Regal’ Hosta is one of the Best Purple Hostas and a tall and stately beauty, with gracefully arching blue-green leaves that create an elegant look in any garden setting.

14. Patriot

Best Purple Hostas 14

Proudly waving its star-spangled foliage, the ‘Patriot’ Hosta is a true beauty to behold, with deep green leaves and crisp white margins.

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15. Regal Splendor


A regal beauty indeed, the ‘Regal Splendor’ Hosta boasts broad, blue-green leaves with a bold, creamy-yellow margin, creating a majestic presence in any garden setting.

16. Striptease

Best Purple Hostas 16

The ‘Striptease’ Hosta is a captivating beauty that adds a touch of intrigue and interest to any garden. It is one of the best Hostas with Purple Flowers and Leaves.

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17. Wide Brim

With its wide, chartreuse-green margins and deep green centers, the ‘Wide Brim’ Hosta is a stunning beauty that catches the eye with its bold and striking appearance.

18. Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Best Purple Hostas 18

With cupped and corrugated leaves that resemble drinking gourds, the ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ Hosta is a unique and fascinating beauty.

19. Blue Angel

Its blue-green leaves create a serene and calming presence in any garden. The Blue Angel Hosta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Best Purple Hostas.

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20. Rainforest Sunrise

Best Purple Hostas 20

With its vibrant and colorful foliage that features shades of green, gold, and red, the ‘Rainforest Sunrise’ Hosta is a striking beauty that adds a burst of life to any garden.

21. ‘Blueberry Muffin

This beautiful Hosta features heart-shaped leaves with a blue-green hue, resembling the juicy and sweet fruit it’s named after.

22. Cherry Berry

Best Purple Hostas 22

Here is another of the most amazing Best Purple Hostas on our list. With deep red petioles and dark green leaves that have a hint of purple, it’s truly a great plant to have!

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23. Fallen Angel

With leaves that drape and cascade like a heavenly shroud, the ‘Fallen Angel’ Hosta is a graceful and elegant beauty that creates a peaceful and serene ambiance.

24. Great Expectations

With its large, blue-green leaves that have bold, creamy-yellow margins, the ‘Great Expectations’ Hosta is a stunning beauty that lives up to its name.

25. Guacamole

Best Purple Hostas 25

This deliciously fragrant Hosta features large, bright green leaves with a creamy-yellow margin that resembles the tasty and creamy dip it’s named after.

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