24 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas to Look for Inspiration

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Get inspired by following these 24 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas we’ve collected from around the web, click on the links given below to see the images and tutorials that you like to know about.

Nothing beats a few sprigs of fresh herbs straight from the planter itself. But if you are short of outdoor space or have weather conditions that discourage you. Make an indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

1. TeaCup Herb Garden

TeaCup Herb Garden

Grow a herb garden in vintage teacups that you no longer use. Not only it will look good but this way you will be able to grow your own herbs. Learn how to make a teacup planter here!

via: TheBowerbirdstories

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2. Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging Herb Garden

Create a hanging Herb Garden on each window with hooks, drinking glasses and metal wire.

via: Its Bits and Pieces

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3. Kitchen Utensil Herb Garden


Give a Second Life to your old metal boiler or other kitchen utensils as a planter for your kitchen herb garden.

via: funkyjunkinteriors

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4. Tea Can Herb Garden
Tea Can Herb Garden

Have empty tea cans? Use them grow herbs.

via: apartment therapy , make good studio

5. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Every home has mason jars why not grow an indoor herb garden in them.

via: eighteen25

7. Pallet Herb Garden
Pallet Herb Garden

Make a hanging Indoor Vertical Garden with recycled pallets. Besides this, there are so many things you can do with pallets, read our post to find out.

via: beersnbeans

8. Wooden Crates Herb Garden

Have old wooden crates? Follow this idea. This is the most amazing way to use old crates.

via: williamssonoma

9. Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

hanging mason jars

Beautiful and functional. All you need for this DIY is some mason jars and a wooden board.

via Camille Styles

10. Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

Small, painted cans are perfect for growing herbs. Paint them in whatever colors suit your style.

via: Upcycledstuff

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11. Tiered Herb Garden
taired herb garden

Don’t have enough space to place the pots? Make this tired herb garden.

via: Fancyfrugallife

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12. DIY Herb Shelf

herb shelf

Not only does this herb shelf uses your vertical space into a beautiful and productive potted garden, but it’s also a rather an easy-to-make project. Follow the link below to find out how to make it.

via: Ben Uyeda

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13. Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

wine bottle holderMount an Ikea wine holder horizontally and plant your herbs into pint glasses.

via Curbly

14. Clothespin Herb Planter

clothespin herb plantersThis project is simply done with old tuna cans (paint that if desired), with stained wood clothespins clipped onto the edges of the can. You can get these old style clothespins at the dollar store or online.

via thegardenglove

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15. Drawer Herb Garden
herb in drawer

Has an unused drawer lain around? Turn it into your very own herb garden. Just insert some pots and/or lining and you’re all set.

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via Thegardenglove

16. Pallet Rack Herb Garden
pallet rack with herb

An eye-catcher: Pallet rack with herbs in the jute bag.

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17. Countertop Tin Can Herb Garden
herbs in cans

If you have some space on your counter, you can make this adorable tin can garden. Keep your cans together and allow for drainage in a circular pan or tray. It’s easy and environment-friendly.

via HGTV

18. Rain Gutter Herb Garden


Repurpose rain gutters into an easy indoor herb garden.

via 1001gardens

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19. Shoe Bag Herb Garden
herbs pinterest

Make this herb garden in a shoe bag that you can easily hang indoors. Handy, if you don’t have a garden.

via Culy

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20. Wall Decoration Herb Garden

wall decoration herb garden

Make this sweet herb garden with a vintage look with old jam jars and a wooden board.

via Miss

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21. Self Watering Bottle Garden

bootle herb garden

Although this project may take a little more effort than some of those given above but its payoff is worth it: Such a good way to recycle bottles and getting fresh herbs and a sparkling window display.

via Designsponge

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22. Upside Down Herb Garden

upside down herb planter

Now a fancy way of growing herbs. Try this space saving idea, hang herbs upside down in your kitchen and harvest them whenever needed.

via Apartment Therapy

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23. Hanging Jars Herb Garden


Make this colorful herb garden with metal chains, mason jars, and hooks.

via Bugaboominimrme

24. Indoor Garden Wall

Easy and incredible. With just some little tin buckets, picture hangers, and your plants, you’ll have this beautiful display up in no time.

via Tenjuneblog

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