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No More Dead Houseplants: 5 Most Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers

Want to keep your houseplants healthy for long? Here are the Most Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers that you must follow.

Sometimes, the smallest things can be the reason for the death of your beloved indoor plants. If you want to keep them green and thriving, follow these Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers.

Here are the best tips on correctly potting indoor plants 

Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers

1. Avoid Overwatering

Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers

Overwatering is the main cause of killing the plants unintentionally. Generally, plant parents think all plants require water in the same way, and that’s completely wrong. Plants have different watering needs according to their place of origin, climate, and growing conditions. We have a great article on how to water your houseplants correctly here

Similarly, cacti and succulents do not need much water as they prefer dry soil – Have a look at our article on succulent watering tips here.  The below links will also help you in learning the watering rules:

2. Do Thorough Research

Before or after buying a plant, do some research about that plant’s requirements. You can take help from any gardening website and look for its light, soil, water, fertilization, and humidity requirements.

3. Sufficient Light

Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers 2

While some houseplants need full sun, others thrive in partial light, and some prefer low light. It is important that you get the right sunlight requirement for the particular plant you are growing to ensure it stays healthy.

If you are confused, read our detailed article on houseplant lights requirements here.

We also have informative articles on:

4. Correct Planter Size

Choose proper pots for your plants with sufficient drainage holes as they prevent rot. Also, go for the correct size of pots that are not too large or small. The key here is to never pick an excessively big container, as it will retain water for a long time, which will cause root rot.

Have a look at the benefits of clay pots here

5. Check the Plants Periodically

Important Tips for Indoor Plant Killers 3

Whenever you get time, examine the plants closely and look at the condition of the foliage, and look for any changes. If you spot any sign that indicates pests, or diseases, then resolve it immediately before it gets out of control.

Also, see if the roots are outgrowing the pot. If yes, then take the plant out, cut the dead tips, and repot the plant into a larger planter in fresh potting soil. We have a great article on how to correctly pot indoor plants here

Here’s how How IKEA Pots Change the Look of Indoor Plants


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