6 Ways Clay Pots For Plants Are Best | Clay Pot Uses & Benefits

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Clay, being natural, is perfect for plants in many ways. Here are some of the most interesting benefits of Using Clay Pots for Plants in the garden!

If you’re into gardening, then you must know the details of every type of planter pots available these days. Clay tops the list, thanks to the various advantages it has on offer! Here are some of the benefits of Using Clay Pots for Plants.

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1. High Porosity Allows Easy Exchange of Air & Water

High Porosity Allows Easy Exchange of Air

Clay is porous by nature. Therefore, pots made from this material permits air to pass through the micropores present on the walls of the container. It also allows extra moisture in the soil to drain out through these pores. This helps the roots of the plants to have an ample amount of air and get rid of excess water, which might result from over-watering.

2. Increased Thickness Acts As An Insulation

Thickness Acts As An Insulation

Most clay pots come with thick walls. This helps in preventing rapid fluctuations in the temperature of the soil. It also provides the plant with an ambient atmosphere in rapidly changing conditions. However, you should remember that they tend to hold heat for extended periods when exposed to the sun for longer durations. 

3. The Heaviness of the Pots Confers Stability

Heaviness of the Pots Confers Stability

One of the main issues associated with plastic pots is their lightweight. It makes them very easy to topple during strong winds. You can address this issue by using a clay pot, which is heavy and is difficult to knock over, providing stability to the plant.

Moreover, clay pots are not as heavy as the concrete ones and are more comfortable when it comes to moving them from one place to another. This is an advantage for most gardeners, who have to shift the pots, as a part of the changing gardening conditions.

4. Clay Pots Are Attractive

Clay Pots Are Attractive

Since clay pots are made from soil, they have a natural reddish-brown tinge to them. The shade varies, depending on the soil color and the extent of the baking process. Natural hue of these pots proves to be attractive for many people. Moreover, the texture is such that one can paint or design it with colors. Therefore, using natural or designed clay pots in your garden will add an aesthetic feel to it!

5. Clay Pots Are Ecological

Clay Pots Are Ecological

Although a clay pot is difficult to be knocked over and even if it topples, it breaks into many pieces. You should not throw away these broken pieces. Instead, you can use them as fillers in other pots, beneath the soil. In due course of time, the pieces are going to get mixed with the earth and become a part of it. Therefore, you do not contaminate the soil with harmful ingredients.

6. Using Clay Pots Prove To Be Economical

Using Clay Pots Prove To Be Economical

Clay pots are made from natural sources and do not need sophisticated machinery for their production. As a result, they prove to be much cheaper than concrete or plastic pots. Some customized or ornate variants can be expensive; however, the simple ones are not so.

Moreover, natural clay pots change with age, due to the absorption of moisture and mineral salts from the soil. Also, these old pots can be reused as new designs, making the process all the more economical and beautiful than the contemporary ones.

These are some of the benefits of using clay pots in your garden. Go through it if you wish to have an idea about the mentioned points before you use them in your garden!

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