Plants for South Facing Balcony Garden

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What are the plants for south facing balcony garden? The answer is simple, all the plants that love to grow in full sun.

If you own a South facing balcony, you are luckier than those who have north facing balconies. You can build richest compositions with myriads of plant because the choices of plants that like such space are enormous.balcony-garden-inside-view_mini

When we’re talking about the south faced balcony, let’s assume there is nothing shady.

Also, keep in mind that south facing balcony is itself a trap — containers with plants become very hot, and the soil dries out quickly.
Therefore, during hot weather, plants require more watering, sometimes even twice a day!
Flowering plants needs more fertilizers t bloom heavily and should be fed in interval of every 10-14 days.

South Facing Balcony Plants

All the plants that don’t take lot of space and prefers sun can be grown there. Also, plants that usually grow in partial shade, can be grown in full sun, if you can provide shade to them in afternoon.


First about the flowers: dianthus, geraniums, petunias and their cousins with the overhanging shoots – Surfinias, calibrachoa and Million Bells.
The multi-colored verbena, marigold, four o clock, chrysanthemum, and roses also have a good time there.

If your balcony remains hotter then do not forget about constantly blooming bougainvilleas and portulaca – one of the plants most resistant to lack of water, as well as rarely planted Lantana. If you have space then Hibiscus, Hollyhock, and oleander.

If your balcony is warm enough you can grow fragrant plants here, jasmine, frangipani, jasminum, sambac, tuberose, gardenia and angel’s trumpet.
Some less grown flowers like Egyptian star cluster, sun dance and varieties of daisy can also be tried.

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Herbsplants for south facing balcony_mini

In herbs, almost every variety of basil and parsley will do well. You can also grow dill, rosemary, and lavender in the pot.

List is long, you can plant oregano, thyme, borage, scented geranium and chives. Growing curry tree is also possible, it grows well in pot.

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Growing Vegetables on sunny balcony is easy. All green leafy vegetables you can grow.
Eggplant, tomatoes, and pepper are suitable or you can grow cucumbers, beans, carrots, and radishes.

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You can grow any dwarf fruit tree, you want. All the varieties of citrus do well in South facing balcony.
But the best idea is to do some research on the web to find out, which fruit trees are most suitable to grow in your zone, select one and go to your local nursery to buy it.
Planting already established fruit plant is better than sowing fruit seeds and waiting a long time for them to fruit.

This is just a list of few plant, on a sunny balcony you can grow many other plants, probably we’ve missed.

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  1. We have a South facing balcony, but it faces a heavily wooded area with tall, mature trees. While sunlight does reach our balcony, I’m concerned that the tree coverage may effect which plants will flourish best.

    Any suggestions?

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