How Often To Water Succulents | Succulent Watering Tips

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To make sure your succulent plants don’t die from overwatering or underwatering, you must know How Often To Water Succulents correctly. Here’s how!

How Often To Water Succulents

Succulents are plants that thrive on neglect. However, the majority of them die due to is improper watering techniques. Learning How often to Water Succulents is an essential aspect of keeping these plants healthy. This article will share tips you need to apply to water them correctly!

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How to Water Succulents Indoors?

In indoor space, water succulents until it start to drain out from the bottom of the pot. This way, you’ll give them a thorough soaking. Make sure that the soil is very dry before you water again. Do not let the succulents sit in water accumulated in saucer below the pot.

How to Water Succulents Outdoor in Containers?

Most gardeners move succulents outdoors in summers, as they love to bask in the sun. There is no hidden science to the fact that outdoor plants will require a bit more water than the indoor ones.

Now the actual watering needs may depend on various factors such as the climatic conditions in your region and weather. You should water thoroughly and then water again when the soil turns dry to the touch. Check the soil at least twice in a week to know if the potting medium is dry or moist.

How to Water Succulents in the Ground?

On the ground, succulents require a well-draining soil for optimum growth. Whether you grow them directly on the ground or in raised beds, watering once a week will suffice. But again the watering needs may change slightly depending on the weather and climatic conditions in your region. New plants require more care and are less drought tolerant than the old plants due to their underdeveloped root system.

Watering Tips

How Often To Water Succulents 2

To keep the succulents happy and thriving, you need to consider the following things:

  • Choose a pot with drainage holes at the bottom so that excess water can drain freely.
  • Succulents have more watering needs in spring and summer as it’s the growing season, a bit less in fall and even lesser in winters.
  • In winters, water when the soil becomes completely dry, which can take around a month as succulents become dormant in winters, especially in cold climates.
  • Succulents, in shallow and small pots, require more frequent watering than succulents in large pots. This is because large containers retain more moisture for a longer period.
  • The potting medium should be well-draining, no matter what! There is a good chance of root rot if succulents remain in soggy or wet soil for a long period.
  • Do not use sprayers as it’s the potting medium you need to water, not the foliage.

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