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Dischidia hirsuta ‘Red Leaf’ Care Tips & Growing Information

Do you want to grow a rare stunning tropical plant? Follow our guide on How to Grow Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf to learn the best care tips.

Dischidia Hirsuta Red Leaf

Dischidias are unusual, exotic, easy-to-care-for houseplants, and most types love to trail and cascade from hanging baskets. If you want a non-fussy plant for your desk or window, learn How to Grow Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf, and you may fall in love with the plant.

Botanical Name: Dischidia hirsuta

USDA Zones: 10-11

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Dischidia Hirsuta Red Leaf Plant Information


Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf is a rare specimen from the pretty Dischidia species found in Southeast Asia. The foliage contains a high amount of anthocyanin, unlike the usual form, which is green. It also produces lantern-like, tiny orange or yellow blooms in the warmer months.

Growing this plant is similar to hoya and orchids.

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Propagating Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf

Dischidia Hirsuta Red Leaf 2

This plant can be propagated easily via stem cuttings.

  • Choose a healthy, mature plant, and using a clean, sharp knife or shears, snip out 4-6 inches-long cuttings.
  • It is best to allow the cut ends to be callous for 6-10 hours before planting.
  • Plant it in a well-draining potting mix, water well, and keep it where it gets dappled light all day.
  • The cutting will form roots in 2-4 weeks.

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Requirements for Growing Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf



Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf thrives well in places with less direct light, making them perfect for homes with low light conditions. It is ideal for a low-sunlight east or north-facing window and should receive 4-5 hours of indirect sunlight daily.

The plant can be perfect for planters or hanging baskets in covered patios or porches.


The plant needs a well-draining growing medium rich in organic content. Grow this rare plant in shredded bark, coco coir, and orchid potting mix and not in regular potting mix. The epiphytic roots will otherwise suffocate and die.


It is best to keep the growing medium evenly and consistently moist but not soggy. You can mist the plant too once every 2-4 days to keep the plant happy.

Only moisten the growing medium when the topsoil feels slightly dry to the touch.

Temperature and Humidity

It loves hot and humid conditions to grow healthy and does not respond well to frost or cold temperatures. An average household humidity is fine for this exotic plant, and a temperature range of 40-80°F or 4-27°C is ideal.

If your home is dry, install a humidifier or place a pebble tray under the plant. You can even grow it in your kitchen or bathroom, as these places are more humid.

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Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf Care



The plant does not need regular fertilizing if it grows in a rich medium. However, you can use a low-strength, balanced fertilizer once at the beginning of the growing period.


This beautiful specimen does not need any pruning, too. However, you can keep it at a desired shape and size by trimming it whenever required.

Pests and Disease

Dischidia hirsuta Red Leaf is prone to common bugs like aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, and fungus gnats. Also, do not keep the soil waterlogged to avoid root rot.

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