8 Best Hoyas that Grow from Leaves

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Hoyas are easy houseplants and you can grow new ones from leaves. First, pick a healthy leaf with a small stalk and plant it in moist soil or sphagnum moss. Keep it in a warm, bright place and mist it sometimes. Some great Hoyas for leaf growth include Hoya carnosa, Hoya australis Lisa, Hoya bella, Hoya obovata, Hoya pubicalyx, and a few more. Some of these need patience and extra care, but they can grow into beautiful plants.

Do not miss these beautiful Hoyas that Grow from Leaves – they are easy to propagate and look spectacular!

Do you know you could grow more Hoyas from leaves? Well, we have the most beautiful ones to propagate using this approach!

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Can You Grow a Hoya from Leaves?

Yes, of course! While it’s a less efficient method due to the time it takes (Anywhere between 1-3 months), it’s still a viable option. Unlike stems, Hoya leaves do not have nodes. Still, they will develop roots from the petioles.

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Propagating Hoya from Leaves

If you want to grow a Hoya from its leaves, pick out a healthy one. Use a knife to remove it from the stem, ensuring you leave a small petiole (leaf stalk), or a small stem section attached.

Now, use well-draining soil for the rooting medium. We recommend going with sphagnum moss. Insert the petiole of the leaf into the medium, allowing the leaf to rest on top.

Keep in a warm location with bright light but not too harsh. Give it a good misting every now and then, and in a few weeks, you’ll see new growth.

Note: A leaf might root and grow as an individual entity, but will not develop into a full, vining plant.

Best Hoyas that Grow from Leaves

1. Hoya carnosa

This classic wax plant is really forgiving and produces roots from leaf cuttings – go for mature leaves with a sturdy petiole.

2. Hoya australis ‘Lisa’

Hoya australis Lisa that Grow from Leaves holding in hand

You’ll get a high success rate with this lovely Hoya for leaf propagation because it has smaller leaves. Plant in a small pot, and you’ll soon see it rooting.

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3. Hoya bella


Hoya bella is a compact variety with elongated leaves. It’s perfect for both stem and leaf growing. You can also grow its cuttings in water. 

4. Hoya obovata

If you love colorful Hoyas, this one will grow into a beauty with glossy green leaves having a broad yellow section in the middle.

5. Hoya pubicalyx

It is not the easiest to grow from leaves, but it’s definitely worth it. The plant has velvety leaves that’ll look sweet as a stand-alone ‘plant.’

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6. Hoya pubicalyx ‘Splash’

A beautiful Hoya with yellow-white markings on the foliage – you can grow it from leaf, but you’ll need to be patient as it takes its own sweet time to root.

7. Hoya lacunose

This Hoya, with distinctive veined leaves, has been known to root from leaves in rare cases, but it’s definitely not the easiest variety for this method.

8. Hoya Kerrii

You can also try Hoya Kerrii! The heart-shaped leaf will root and live for a few years, making for a great center table piece. You can also gift it on a Valentine’s Day!

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