5 Tips for Prolong and Long Lasting Orchid Flowers

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If you have a blooming orchid, maintaining its flowers’ freshness for an extended period is essential. This guide will assist in achieving that goal!

Once orchids bloom, we all want their beautiful flowers to stay forever! However, as that’s too much to ask for, we can help you keep them fresh for as long as possible!

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Tips to Extend Orchid Flower Life

1. Maintain a Right Temperature and Humidity Range

Tips for Prolong and Long Lasting Orchid Flowers in home

The basic need for orchids to keep flowers fresh on the stem for a long time is the right temperature. If you have the pot near a drafty window or an AC vent – it is a sure shot way to kill its blooms early.

So, what could be done? Well, ensure the orchid stays in the stable temperature range of 60-75°F (15-27°C) along with a humidity level of 40-60%. Once your plant blossoms, getting a humidifier will be a great call!

2. Are You Misting the Flowers?

Tips for Prolong and Long Lasting Orchid Flowers1

Now that we have taken care of the temperature let’s come to the second most important point in prolonging the blooms – watering. I know you have heard it a lot, but this is essential!

Avoid misting the flowers – You might think it will keep them fresh but spraying with water will reduce the quality and longevity of the flowers.

Sometimes, when you water your flowering orchids, you can dissolve one aspirin tablet in a gallon of water and use the solution to moisten the growing medium. As it contains salicylic acid, it can certainly help orchids in defense against diseases and stress management.

3. Remember the Boney M’s Hit Song – Sunny?

Oh! That song – reminds me of all the indirect light orchids love to bask in. Do not keep them in the direct sun – NO, Sir! It can burn those delicate blooms.

A north or east-facing window exposure is something these blooms will thank you for!

4. Feed them ‘Light’

Tips for Prolong and Long Lasting Orchid Flowers indoor

The key to keeping the blooms fresh and long-lasting on the plant is to feed them lightly – do not go all in with the fertilizer. What you can do is – dilute a balanced liquid blend to 1/4 of its recommended strength (or even less) and use it every 7-14 days.

This will extend the life and freshness of flowers by a good margin – trust me!

5. Move Your Body, But Not Them!

Nina Sky really rocked that one, right? Well, you can move and sway all you want – that’s really good for your health – but not for orchids!

After they bloom, it is best to let these plants be – don’t change their position, don’t touch the flowers, and make sure they are not kept in a place where there’ll be accidental touches.

Remember, not disturbing them = the flowers being good for a long time.

Best Orchid Varieties with Long-Lasting Blooms

Cymbidium Orchids are the ones to get if you want the flowers to last for up to 10 weeks. The other is the Dendrobium Orchid – they also have long-lasting flowers, lasting up to 6 to 8 weeks under optimal conditions.

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