12 Best Bulbs to Grow in Water + Growing Bulbs in Water

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Here are the most beautiful and Best Bulbs to Grow in Water if you want the blossoms in vases without too much maintenance!

Growing Bulbs in Water is one of the easiest indoor gardening projects to enjoy beautiful flowers on a tabletop or a windowsill. It’s super fun, and you can involve your kids, too, in that. So, check out the Best Bulbs You Can Grow in Water with the instructions.

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Growing Bulbs in Water


Growing Bulbs in Water is easy as long as you use the right glass for it. The vase needs to be of a specific shape so that it holds the bulb in place while keeping it safe from submerging in the water.

For this, you can get something like a ‘hyacinth glass’ from the market, which will make this Growing Flower Bulbs in Water effortless. Or, if you’re using the normal clear vase, just add pebbles up to the top to let your bulb sit dry in water.

  • Add a layer of decorative rocks at the bottom of the glass and place the flower bulb. The rocks and pebbles will help the bulb to stay in place.
  • Once done, add water till it reaches right below the wide base of the bulb. Make sure that the bulb is not submerged or sitting in water.
  • Now, place the glass in a dimly lit area–a basement, garage, or probably a refrigerator to provide a stable, cool temperature, and depending on the type of flower, it will take about 2 to 3 months for the bulbs to form roots and sprouts.
  • For example, a bulb of grape hyacinth sprouts even earlier, in just eight weeks.

This step is done to trick the bulbs into believing that they’ve been through winter in order to flower. If you don’t have time or don’t want to wait–get pre-chilled bulbs from the garden shop or online.

  • Once you see a couple of inches of new growth on top or if you have got pre-chilled bulbs, it’s time to move your bulbs to a warm and bright place with indirect light; if your spot receives morning sunlight, too, that is even better.
  • Try to keep the place warm and make sure the temperature is above 60 F (15 C).
  • The flowers will bloom for 4-6 weeks.

Tip: Change the water when it becomes cloudy, which can be once in 5-7 days.

Note: Remember, every bulb species is a bit different, so you may need to slightly adjust this method depending on the specific type of bulb you’re growing. For example, some bulbs (like tulips and hyacinths) benefit from a chilling period before forcing. Always research the specific needs of the bulb variety you are growing.

Best Bulbs to Grow in Water

1. Daffodils

Best Bulbs to Grow in Water
shutterstock/New Africa

Botanical Name: Narcissus

One of the Best Bulbs to Grow in Water, daffodils stand out with their beautiful yellow flowers. Make sure that it gets bright and indirect light to prolong the flower’s freshness.

2. Grape Hyacinth


Botanical Name: Muscari

The light blue flowers grow at the end of a spike, making them stand out. These are best to display on tabletops.

3. Snowdrop

Best Bulbs to Grow in Water 2

Botanical Name: Galanthus

If you are someone who likes the color white, then this is one of the Best Bulbs to Grow in Water for you. Once it blooms, it will continue to add elegant vibes to the place.

4. Tulips


Botanical Name: Tulipa

We all love tulips, don’t we? And what could be better than to have its fresh bunch blooming right at the windowsill? It will continue to flower in a mix of shade and direct light. It is one of the Best Bulbs to Grow in Water.

5. IrisBest Bulbs to Grow in Water 4

Botanical Name: Iris

What sets the Iris apart from the other bulbs are its elongated stems and slender petals. It will bloom for a long time if you keep it in dappled light after it flowers.

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6. Amaryllis

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum

Known for its stunning, large flowers. You’ll need a vase that’s tall enough to support the plant’s height as it grows.

7. Paperwhites

Botanical Name: Narcissus papyraceus

A type of daffodil that’s often grown indoors. They have bright, fragrant flowers and don’t require a chilling period like many other bulbs.

8. Hyacinths

Botanical Name: Hyacinthus

Hyacinths can be grown indoors in water. Special hyacinth vases, which are designed to hold the bulb above the water, are available.

9. Tuberous Begonias


Botanical Name: Begonia

Tuberous begonias can be started in water, but not the regular begonias – that you have to keep in mind. Once roots appear, they can be moved to soil or a soilless potting mix.

10. Spider Lily

Botanical Name: Lycoris radiata

They can be grown in a shallow dish filled with pebbles and water. These flowers are a great option for newbies to the gardening.

11. Crocus

Botanical Name: Crocus

Similar to tulips, crocus bulbs need to be chilled before you try to grow them in water. Just make sure they get plenty of bright and indirect light.

12. Oxalis


Botanical Name: Oxalis

Also known as shamrocks, these can be grown from bulbs in water or in a pebble tray. The vivid foliage is a sure head turner!

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