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26 Different Alocasias in Water | Elephant Ear in Water Pictures

Here are some amazing pictures of Different Alocasias in Water! Get inspired and copy the idea that you like the most!

Here are Different Alocasias in Water that will surely give you new ideas on how to showcase it in a glass, vase, or a bowl!

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Different Alocasias in Water

1. Green Velvet Alocacia

Different Alocasias in Water 1

Botanical Name: Alocasia micholitziana

With its velvety emerald green leaves, the Green Velvet Alocasia adds a touch of luxury to any water garden.

2. Elephant Ear Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia acuminata

The Alocasia acuminate, also known as the Elephant Ear Alocasia showcases large, arrow-shaped leaves with prominent veins that resemble the ears of an elephant.

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3. Zebra Alocacia

Different Alocasias in Water 3

Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina

The Zebra Alocasia stands out with its striking dark green leaves and long stems adorned with bold white veins resembling zebra stripes.

4. Alocasia odora


Botanical Name: Alocasia odora

Known for its large, heart-shaped leaves, the Alocasia odora commands attention in any water garden. Its glossy, deep green foliage radiates a lush and tropical vibe.

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5. Alocasia boyceana

Different Alocasias in Water 5

Botanical Name: Alocasia boyceana

The Alocasia boyceana boasts elongated, pointy, heart-shaped leaves that display glossy and vibrant green color, making it a captivating addition to any plant collection.

6. Alocasia Stingray


Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Stingray’

Alocasia Stingray, aptly named for its unique leaf shape, exhibits elongated, pointed leaves resembling the graceful wings of a stingray.

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7. Alocasia’ Baby Ray’

Different Alocasias in Water 7

Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Baby Ray’

Alocasia ‘Baby Ray’ is a compact and adorable variety of Alocasia, featuring petite, arrowhead-shaped leaves.

8. Sander’s Alocasia

Potless Plants QLD

Botanical Name: Alocasia sanderiana

Alocasia sanderiana, commonly known as the Kris Plant or Jewel Alocasia, showcases stunning, elongated, and deeply lobed leaves.

9. Alocasia longiloba


Botanical Name: Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba is a captivating variety of Alocasia, known for its long and slender lobed leaves that have a distinctive elongated shape.

10. Alocasia ‘Portadora’

Different Alocasias in Water 10

Botanical Name: Alocasia ‘Portora’

Observing Different Alocasias in Water reveals the diverse range of colors and patterns they possess, from deep emerald greens to striking variegated leaves.

11. Zebrina Alocasia Variegated


Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina variegated

This unique Alocasia cultivar showcases beautiful variegated leaves characterized by dark green coloration with bold, contrasting edges of a dull white.

12. Alocasia amazonica

Different Alocasias in Water 12

Botanical Name: Alocasia amazonica

Also known as the African Mask plant, Alocasia amazonica exhibits glossy, heart-shaped leaves with deep green color and prominent, bright white veins.

13. Alocasia reginae

Botanical Name: Alocasia reginae

Recognizable for its regal beauty, Alocasia reginae displays glossy, broad, arrowhead-shaped leaves in shades of green, making it a captivating focal point in any setting.

14. Giant Taro

Different Alocasias in Water 14

Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza

With its immense size and dramatic foliage, Giant Taro showcases enormous heart-shaped leaves in vibrant green hues, creating a majestic presence.

15. Alocasia heterophylla

Botanical Name: Alocasia heterophylla

By placing Different Alocasias in Water, one can appreciate the individual characteristics of each species, such as the unique leaves of Alocasia heterophylla.

16. Black Velvet


Botanical Name: Alocasia reginula

This Alocasia variety, aptly named Black Velvet, boasts velvety, dark green leaves that have an almost black appearance.

17. Alocasia Pink Dragon

Different Alocasias in Water 17

Botanical Name: Alocasia lowii ‘Morocco’

A visually enchanting Alocasia cultivar, Pink Dragon showcases large, heart-shaped leaves with deep green coloration and vibrant pink veins.

18. Alocasia mojito


Botanical Name: Alocasia mojito

Alocasia mojito features leaves in a refreshing shade of green with prominent white and green patches, resembling the colors of the popular cocktail.

19. Alocasia melo

Different Alocasias in Water 19

Botanical Name: Alocasia melo

Alocasia melo exhibits lush, glossy, velvety, green leaves with intricate patterns and textures, resembling the skin of a melon.

20. Alocasia frydek


Botanical Name: Alocasia frydek

Moving on to another of the best ones, Alocasia frydek displays velvety, emerald-green leaves that have a distinct silvery-white vein pattern.

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21. Alocasia Dragon Scale Variegated


Botanical Name: Alocasia baginda

This captivating Alocasia cultivar showcases leaves with a unique texture resembling dragon scales, accompanied by variegated patterns of green and cream.

22. Alocasia rugosa


Botanical Name: Alocasia rugosa

Alocasia rugosa features large, textured leaves with a rugged appearance, characterized by round edges and a vibrant green color, adding a touch of wild beauty.

23. Alocasia cuprea

Different Alocasias in Water 23

Botanical Name: Alocasia cuprea

Known for its metallic sheen, this Alocasia exhibits heart-shaped leaves with a stunning blend of light green, bronze, and copper tones and dark green veins.

24. Alocasia Jacklyn


Botanical Name: Alocasia sulawesi

Alocasia Jacklyn showcases large, glossy, arrowhead-shaped leaves in deep green color, adorned with popping veins and a brilliant texture.

25. New Guinea Shield


Botanical Name: Alocasia wentii

The Alocasia wentii is a stunningly vibrant plant with large, shield-shaped leaves that display a beautiful blend of green and purple hues.

26. Chinese Taro

Different Alocasias in Water 26

Botanical Name: Alocasia cucullata

Also known as “Elephant Ear,” the Alocasia boasts broad, heart-shaped leaves with an exquisite glossy texture featuring captivating shades of green.

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