26 Different Types Alocasias to Grow in Water

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You can grow many types of Alocasias in water. It's easy and you don't need soil. Just change the water every week or so. There are many to choose from. Some have big leaves, some have leaves that look like a stingray, and others have different colors and patterns. Read about them below.

Do you know there are many alocasia varieties that can grow in water? Get inspired and grow an elephant ear this easy way.

These alocasias in water will surely give you new ideas on how to showcase them in decorative glasses, vases, and bowlsl!

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Can Alocasia Grow in Water?

Of course, you can grow alocasia in water. It’s a super easy way to multiply and display different alocasia varieties; you can do it with pups or offsets that emerge around the mother plant.

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Different Alocasias in Water

1. Green Velvet Alocacia

Different Alocasias in Water 1

Botanical Name: Alocasia micholitziana

With its velvety emerald green leaves and bold white veins, the Green Velvet Alocasia is a wonderful choice.

2. Elephant Ear Alocasia

Alocasias to Grow in Water 2

Botanical Name: Alocasia acuminata

Growing Elephant ears in water will allow you to flaunt its large, arrow-shaped leaves and its amazing root structure – just put it in a clear pot.

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3. Zebra Alocacia

Zebra Alocacia

Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina

The Zebra Alocasia has dark green leaves and long stems adorned with bold white veins resembling zebra stripes, giving it the name.

4. Alocasia odora

Alocasias to Grow in Water 4

Botanical Name: Alocasia odora

Known for its large, heart-shaped leaves, the Alocasia odora commands attention in any water garden. Its glossy, deep green foliage gives off a lush and tropical vibe.

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5. Alocasia boyceana

Different Alocasias in Water 5

Botanical Name: Alocasia boyceana

The Alocasia boyceana has elongated, pointy, heart-shaped leaves of a glossy and vibrant green color that steal the show.

6. Alocasia Stingray

. Alocasia Stingray

Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Stingray’

Alocasia Stingray is named for its unique leaf shape of elongated, pointed leaves that look like the graceful wings of a stingray.

Here is How to Grow Elephant Ear Stingray

7. Alocasia’ Baby Ray’

Different Alocasias in Water

Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Baby Ray’

Alocasia ‘Baby Ray’ is a compact and adorable variety of Alocasia that has petite, arrowhead-shaped leaves.

8. Sander’s Alocasia

Sander's Alocasia
Potless Plants QLD

Botanical Name: Alocasia sanderiana

Alocasia sanderiana is commonly known as the Kris Plant or Jewel Alocasia because its dark green leaves resemble the deep color of jewels.

9. Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba

Botanical Name: Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba is a true Alocasia specimen with long and slender leaves that have a unique crushed/ crumpled appearance.

10. Alocasia ‘Portadora’

 Alocasias in Water

Botanical Name: Alocasia ‘Portora’

Observing different Alocasias in water will show you the beautiful colors and patterns they come in, from deep emerald greens to lighter ones.

11. Zebrina Alocasia Variegated

Zebrina Alocasia Variegated

Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina variegated

This unique Alocasia cultivar has lovely variegated stems of dark green covered in dull white patterns.

12. Alocasia amazonica

Alocasia amazonica

Botanical Name: Alocasia amazonica

Also known as the African Mask plant, Alocasia amazonica has glossy leaves like other Alocasias in water. But its crumpled leaf texture is unique.

13. Alocasia reginae

Alocasia reginae

Botanical Name: Alocasia reginae

This small Alocasia has soft leaves of a silver-green hue with darker veins and curved leaf edges.

14. Giant Taro

Giant Taro

Botanical Name: Alocasia macrorrhiza

Giant Taro is hands-down the best Alocasia variety for water due to its clear white, dense roots and growth habit.

15. Alocasia heterophylla

Alocasia heterophylla

Botanical Name: Alocasia heterophylla

Alocasia in water allows you to admire the pretty leaves of the plant without any distractions. Just look at this Alocasia heterophylla.

16. Black Velvet


Black Velvet

Botanical Name: Alocasia reginula

This Alocasia variety is named Black Velvet as it has velvety, dark green leaves that appear almost black.

17. Alocasia Pink Dragon

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Botanical Name: Alocasia lowii ‘Morocco’

A nice Alocasia cultivar, Pink Dragon has large, heart-shaped leaves with a pink-peach hue and light green stems.

18. Alocasia mojito

Alocasia mojito indoor plant


Botanical Name: Alocasia mojito

Alocasia mojito has leaves in a light shade of green with a marbled pattern on it of dark green and sometimes white.

19. Alocasia melo

Alocasia melo

Botanical Name: Alocasia melo

You’ll love the Alocasia melo for its lush, glossy, velvety, green leaves with deep textures over the veins.

20. Alocasia frydek

Alocasia frydek

Botanical Name: Alocasia frydek

If you love emerald hues, you can go with Alocasia frydek. It has velvety, emerald-green leaves that are silvery-white at the bottom.

21. Alocasia Dragon Scale Variegated

Alocasia Dragon Scale Variegated

Botanical Name: Alocasia baginda

This Alocasia cultivar is an absolute beauty with dark green leaves covered in variegated patterns of cream splashes.

22. Alocasia rugosa

Alocasia rugosa

Botanical Name: Alocasia rugosa

There’s something about Alocasia rugosa that will pull you. It has a rugged appearance with round edges and deep grooves.

23. Alocasia cuprea

Types of Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia cuprea

This light green Alocasia has a metallic sheen and a bit darker color on the veins that make it stand out.

24. Alocasia Jacklyn

Types of Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia sulawesi

Alocasia Jacklyn also has large, glossy, arrowhead-shaped leaves in deep green color but the leaves are not straight – their edges are curved.

25. New Guinea Shield

Types of Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia wentii

It might remind you of the rugosa variety, but it has darker grooves and a silvery sheen that makes it look like it was painted by an artist.

26. Chinese Taro

Types of Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia cucullata

It’s amazing how you can grow such a magnificent plant with long stems and large leaves in a jar of water. Why not try it?

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