50 Budget-Friendly DIY Greenhouse Ideas

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Take a look at some of the best Budget-Friendly DIY Greenhouse Ideas for both the small and large space to grow plants in style!

Have a look at the best Budget-Friendly DIY Greenhouse Ideas to add a lot of appeal to your garden without burning a hole in your pocket!

Budget-Friendly DIY Greenhouse Ideas

1. The Mini Hothouse

A hothouse is used to lock the heat around the plants; you can make a similar one for yourself like above using the tomato cage. Get the details here!

2. Tiny Mason Jar Greenhouse

To start your seeds, try this no-cost tiny mason jar greenhouse idea. Cover your seedlings and give them a head start while they are struggling to survive. Get the details here!

3. Revamped PVC Hoop Houses

As PVC pipes are amenable to pressure and come at a cheap cost, it’s a nice idea to use them! This video shows you how to fasten PVC pipes into rebar stakes to make a sturdy greenhouse, while this tutorial here suggests you to secure PVC on the ground directly.

4. Straw Bale Greenhouse

Made of corrugated roofing panels, this 10 x 14 greenhouse is just what you need to add summer vibes to your dreary garden in winter.

5. The Quirky Plant Home

This sturdy little structure can do a great job of creating a conditioned climate for your precious plants. Get the details here!

6. Box Greenhouse

If you are easily intimidated by those fancy-looking A-frame greenhouses, then this DIY here is suitable for you.

7. Hoop House

This hoop house is not even half as difficult as it looks and also gives you a 300-square foot space for growing plants. Find the original post here!

8. $20 Greenhouse

Seriously, building a robust greenhouse can’t get cheaper than this. Get the steps here!

9. Barn Greenhouse

This greenhouse here serves a dual purpose–it gives you a sufficient growing environment unaffected by the changes in weather. Secondly, it lends a nice countryside feel to your courtyard.

10. GeoDome Greenhouse

This ingenious DIY is for those who are looking to build something interesting. The versatile design makes it portable or permanent, depending on your needs.

11. Pallet Greenhouse

Another frugal greenhouse project uses recycled pallets to create a sturdy greenhouse that works double duty as a home for your livestock.

12. Greenhouse from Used Windows

Old windows are used to make a full-sized greenhouse. Here’s the tutorial.

13. Mini Hoophouse

For those who are not ready to install a large structure in the yard, this DIY mini greenhouse will help you protect individual garden beds from the cold and frost.

14. Easy Greenhouse


If you want a greenhouse but don’t want to spend a lot buying one, build your own! Details are here.

15. DIY Cold Frame

Learn how to create this cheap and easy-to-make cold frame following the tutorial here!

16. Shed Greenhouse

Follow this very informative tutorial with step-by-step instructions here to provide a conditioned environment to your plants!

17. Mini Pallet Greenhouse

Made with scrap materials, this greenhouse here needs practically zero investment regarding time and money.

18. DIY Bamboo Greenhouse

Make this eco-friendly bamboo greenhouse if you want to keep your plants growing even in the winter. The tutorial is here!

19. The Tomato Tower

Not just tomatoes, this hoop house construction can be used to shield all sorts of delicate plants from rainy days, and for the favorable days, all you have to do is open up the sides. Learn more here!

20. Mini-Bottle Greenhouse

Place unused water bottles over individual plants that you’ve planted recently. It’s a great way to ensure your plants survive the first flushes of frost. Learn more here!

21. The Cloche

This mini greenhouse involves curvy branches from a conifer tree. It acts as a dependable option that protects the plants from the chilly weather. Learn more here!

22. Basement Greenhouse

The real charm of this underground greenhouse is that it lets you experience the cozy feel of walking right into the home of your plants from your own one. The more of it is here!

23. Cedar Greenhouse

Offering plenty of air and visible light, this greenhouse made from fallen cedar branches can be an excellent, purposeful addition to any garden.

24. Repurposed Trampoline

This trampoline-turned-greenhouse is one of the coolest DIY greenhouse ideas on this list to follow!

25. Pop-Bottle Greenhouse

With old tires as the base and two rain barrels on the side, this DIY Pop-Bottle Greenhouse is really an innovative idea to follow!

26. Big Blue Greenhouse

If you found our previous greenhouse ideas dull, this stunning blue greenhouse is something you’ll like. Get the details here.


27. Tabletop Greenhouse

This tabletop greenhouse is functional, mobile, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Check out the instructions here!

28. Counter Top Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a more portable greenhouse idea than above, this idea is worth looking at. Perfect even for the Balcony Gardeners. Visit Instructables to learn more!

29. The Fold-Up Greenhouse

If you’re someone who tends to slack off from gardening often, this fold-up-and-move greenhouse can be your option. Learn more here!

30. Foldable Greenhouse

Another no-work project for the lazy DIY-ers. Watch the video here!

31. CD Case Greenhouse

If you’ve got access to the collection of CD cases, you can try this DIY to create a sheltered home for your small plants.

32. DIY Umbrella Greenhouse

This cutest greenhouse hack is curated from the Garden Therapy. You can create this mini seed starting greenhouse easily in no time.

33. 10X16 Greenhouse

This multistep woodworking idea is perfect for people who are looking to install a medium-sized greenhouse in the backyard without spending too much. Check out more here!

34. Pyramid Greenhouse

Made from simple materials like plastic and wood, this pyramid-shaped greenhouse serves the purpose without much ado. Learn more here!

35. Seed-Starting Greenhouse

This seed-starting greenhouse can be a boon for you if you live in a cold climate and own a limited space garden. Find the tutorial here!


36. CD Case Propagator

That old CD case sitting unused in your store is actually a readymade greenhouse. All you have to do is remove the stuff from the spindle and use a planter that fits within it. Your CD Case Propagator is ready. Find out the tutorial here!

37. Arched Trellis Greenhouse

This arched trellis greenhouse or hoop house can be a great addition to your garden; you can grow tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables in it. Get the steps here!

38. Mini Greenhouse with an Old Window

All you need is an old window, some hinges, and a few other supplies to make this greenhouse at home.

39. Mini Greenhouse with Recycled Items

All you need is a clear plastic container with a cover, potting soil, and some seeds for this one!

40. CD Plastic Case Greenhouse

If you have an old CD collection, then you can use their covers to make this greenhouse. Click here for details.

41. A Cheap Wooden and Plastic Greenhouse


This might look like it will cost you a lot of bucks to make, but it is actually cheap! Click here to find out.

42. A Large Hoophouse for under 500 Dollars!

This might sound impossible, but here’s a DIY that you can take help from to make this one with ease.

43. Fold-Down Greenhouse

A fold-down greenhouse is the best way to save space where you can pull or retract it as per the requirement.

44. Specialty Greenhouse Build

Here’s a great video on how to make a greenhouse without spending much!

45. Small Patio Greenhouse

Want a small greenhouse to display plants on your deck or patio? Watch a detailed video here.

46. Wooden Greenhouse

Here’s a detailed blog where you’ll get all the information to make this large wooden greenhouse.

47. Super Cheap Greenhouse

Some wooden planks and a Floating Row Cover fabric are all you need to make this one.

48. Simple and Cheap Greenhouse

Watch this video to make a quick and simple greenhouse that’s also very cheap to make!

49. Small DIY Greenhouse

Here’s a detailed video on how to make a small greenhouse using wire mesh and wooden planks.

50. Back Yard Greenhouse

A Greenhouse can be fun to make, and this blog proves just that! What’s more, it is also quite cheap.

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