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Never Buy Garlic Again – Try These 9 Garlic Growing Hacks

Discover the ultimate Garlic Growing Hacks, and Never Buy Garlic Again! Learn how to grow it easily with these methods.

Garlic Growing Hacks

Buying garlic from the store can be expensive and often lacks the freshness and quality that you desire. Instead, why not try growing your own garlic at home? With these Garlic Growing Hacks, you can easily grow your own garlic and enjoy the benefits of fresh, flavorful garlic without ever having to buy it again.

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How to Grow Garlic at Home?

  • To grow garlic, first, break off a bulb and separate the cloves.
  • Plant the cloves in moist soil with the pointed end facing up towards the sky.
  • While keeping the plants hydrated, avoid overwatering, as garlic doesn’t require much water.
  • It’s recommended to remove the flowers to improve the flavor of the garlic.
  • After five to six leaves have grown, carefully remove the plant from the soil to reveal a fully-grown garlic bulb.

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Garlic Growing Ideas

1. Garlic in a Plastic Bottle

One creative way to grow garlic is by using plastic bottles. Make holes around the bottles, and fill them with garlic cloves. Pour some water under the plastic bottle and cover it with another bottle.

The moisture created by the steam will encourage the garlic to sprout and take root. After about 10-14 days, you can remove the bottles and plant the garlic on the ground. Watch the video here for details.

2. Have an Unlimited Supply of Garlic with this Hack

Garlic Growing Hacks 3

Cut the plastic bottles in half, fill them with water leaving the top, set the other cut part on the bottle, and place garlic bulbs upside down on it.

Change the water every day, and you’ll see the bulbs beginning to sprout on day 4th or 6th day. See the details here.

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3. Grow Garlic in Plastic Jerry Cans

DIY garden ideas

To grow garlic, another technique involves drilling holes in plastic cans and using them as containers. Plant the garlic cloves in the cans and allow them to root for about 10-14 days.

Once they have established roots, you can then transfer them to the ground for further growth. Watch the video here for details.

4. Garlic in a Plastic Jar

Garlic Growing Hacks 6

Follow this super easy hack that will provide you with an unlimited supply of garlic. All you need for this is a plastic jar, potting mix, and a garlic bulb. Check the full tutorial here.

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5. Garlic on a Windowsill

shutterstock/Alexander Lobanov

You’ll need a plastic or glass bowl and a clove of garlic for this hack. Add growing medium to the bowl and place the garlic clove on top of it. Then, find a secluded spot to keep the bowl, and wait for 1-2 weeks until you see the first green shoots emerging from the garlic.

Once the garlic has grown enough, you can transfer it to a pot with soil to boost its growth.

6. Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly

Garlic Growing Hacks 8
Garden Yard

Try this easy hack and grow unlimited garlic from garlic cloves. Read the details here.

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7. Garlic in Grow Bags

If you are short of space or lack an extensive garden, you can grow garlic in a bag. Just fill it with well-draining soil, plant the cloves, and water regularly.

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8. Growing Garlic from Cloves in Pots

Garlic Growing Hacks 55

Here’s a great DIY that will guide you into growing garlic at home in pots in simple and easy steps!

9. Grow Garlic in Plastic Cups

Watch this detailed video on how to grow garlic plants from cloves in small plastic cups. You can grow them on the windowsill too!

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