12 Effective Ways on How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony

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Have Birds on your balcony become a never-ending nuisance? Learn How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony with these easy techniques.

How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony

Here are some of the best tips and tricks on How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony that will help you keep them away for good.

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Why Do Pigeons Come to the Balcony?

If you are one of those people who feel that these are stupid creatures that come to your balconies for no reason, you are wrong. Pigenos come to balconies for various reasons, which are briefly described below:

1. Shelter

Pigeons may seek shelter on balconies, especially during harsh weather conditions, and that can be one of many reasons these birds visit you.

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2. Food

Pigeons are attracted to food sources, and if you are habitual in keeping any food left on the balcony, such as birdseed or crumbs, it can attract them.

3. Nesting

These birds often look for safe and protected areas to build their nests, and balconies may provide an ideal location. This is the reason that you may find these birds coming in and even successfully making their nests and laying eggs there.

4. Water

Pigeons need water to drink and bathe, so if there is a water source on the balcony, like plants and pots, they will come for it.

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5. Sunlight

Pigeons like to bask in the sunlight, and if your balcony provides a sunny spot, they may come to soak up the rays.

6. Roosting

Pigeons are social creatures and may use the balcony as a gathering spot or roosting area. If you are not doing anything about it, more and more pigeons may come and gather to have a roosting party.

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Why Do We Need to Keep Pigeons Off the Balcony? 

Pigeons can carry a range of diseases and parasites that can be harmful to human health. Their droppings can also carry bacteria and fungi that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritations.

In addition to this, pigeons can cause damage to property and create a mess with their droppings, which can be difficult to clean and may require professional help. Their cooing and nesting can create a noisy and unpleasant environment for residents.

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How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony?

1. Add a Bird Fence or Netting

Installing a bird fence or netting around the balcony perimeter is an effective way to keep pigeons away. The barrier prevents pigeons from perching or landing on the balcony.

A bird fence is made of metal wire mesh, while bird netting is a lightweight, durable material that can be easily attached to balcony railings.

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2. Bird Spikes

How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony 2

Bird spikes can be installed on the balcony railing or ledges to make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land. These spikes are harmless to birds and prevent them from roosting on the balcony. It is one of the best solutions for How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony.

3. Hang Old CDs

Hanging old CDs can also create a visual deterrent, and the reflection from the CDs scares these birds away. This method is not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

4. Plastic Owl Decoy or Rubber Snake

A plastic owl decoy or rubber snake can be effective at keeping pigeons away as they are scared of predators.

These decoys can be placed on the balcony or attached to a nearby surface to create the illusion of a natural predator, which deters pigeons from landing or roosting.

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5. Aluminum Foil

How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony 8

Aluminum foil can be used to create a noise deterrent by attaching it to the balcony railing or ledges. The sound of the foil rustling in the wind can be unpleasant to pigeons, making it less likely for them to land on the balcony.

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6. Grow Aromatic Plants

Planting aromatic plants is one method to keep pigeons away from your balcony. Pigeons dislike the scent of plants like lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, and sage.

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7. Suspend Reflective Tapes or Rods
How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony 10

By hanging strips of reflective tape around the balcony, the light reflecting off the surface can create an optical illusion that scares pigeons away.

The tape can be easily attached to balcony railings, walls, or other surfaces. It is one of the best solutions for How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony.

8. Repellent Gel

A repellent gel is a non-toxic, sticky substance that can be applied to surfaces, making it uncomfortable for birds to land.

Any strong scent can be sprayed around the balcony to create an unpleasant odor that deters these birds. It is one of the best solutions for How to Keep Pigeons Off Balcony.

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9. Keeping Food away from Balcony

Keeping both liquid and solid food away from the balcony can discourage pigeons from coming to the balcony frequently.

Pigeons are attracted to food, and removing this source can prevent them from visiting the open space.

10. Sound of Raptors

How to Keep Pigeons off Balcony 20

Pigeons are naturally afraid of the sounds of predators, and by playing their recorded sound on a portable speaker or another audio device, these birds will stay away.

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11. Natural Repellents

Some natural repellents like peppermint oil, vinegar, or chili pepper can be used to keep pigeons away. Simply spray these substances around the balcony railings or where you spot these birds.

12. Trained RaptorsHow to Keep Pigeons off Balcony 31

If the problem is getting out of hand due to these uninvited pigeons, you can use the help of trained birds like a falcon or hawk. They will keep pigeons away for good.

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