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20 DIY Tree Projects For The Backyard

Take the help of one of these cool DIY Tree Projects that will surely make your yard stand out! They are easy to make!

Have a look at these awesome DIY Tree Projects that will help you make use of the space that you have in your garden!

DIY Tree Projects

1. Easy Tire Swing

One of the easiest DIY tree projects and a practical way to upcycle your old tire. The step-by-step guide is available here! This can be a great family tree project.

2. A Simple Treehouse

Another beautiful family tree project on this list! Build a treehouse in the yard for your kids. A warm and simple DIY summer project, which you can follow at the Apartment Therapy!

3. Restful Tree Bench

Create a tree bench in the budget in your backyard following the DIY available here at Too Inspired to Sleep!

4. Kids’ Play Castle

Even if you don’t have large trees in your yard, you can create this play castle for your kids. Check out the tutorial at Hometalk! Do not miss this family tree project!

5. Over-the-Top Tree House

This article on the Cabin Life gives you the basic idea on how to build a tree house. Have a look here!

6. Birdhouse on a Tree

Mount a birdhouse on one of the trees in your yard. This guide here will help you in choosing the right bird and tree species.

7. Tall Tree Stumps as Planters

First, select a few tall tree stumps and remove any excess branches or twigs. Then, hollow out the top of the stump using a saw or drill, creating a space for soil and plants. Here is how it looks.

8. Tree Trunk as Planter

Using a tree trunk as a planter is a creative way to repurpose a fallen or cut-down tree in your backyard. Consider using a variety of plants to create a diverse and visually appealing arrangement. Here is how.

9. Big Old Treea as Small House

This DIY includes an old and huge tree that can become a base for your vines or climbers. The idea will look like a short tree that that a huge vine planter at the top. See how this has been done here. 

10. Carve an Old Man’s face on Tree

This caved-old Man’s face is an exotic-looking idea that takes your home garden to the next level. This idea can be used as a bird feeder if you are a bird lover and want to have these winged creatures around. Here is the pic for inspiration.

11. A Relaxing Backyard

For making a great family tree project, all you need to do is to create a place to relax beneath a tree like this.

12. Hang Some String Lights

This has to be one of the simplest DIY Tree Projects For The Backyard! All you have to do is to hang some string lights on the tree to make it look more appealing!

13. A Mini Home!

This can be a great focal point in the garden where you can give an old tree stump a look of a small home.

14. A Figurine!

This is a classy way to use an old tree stump in the garden. A figurine like this can be a welcome addition in both small and large gardens.

15. Make a Patio

A wooden patio around a tree is a fantastic idea to use it along with an open space in the back or front yard.

16. Grow Some Cacti Below It

A large and tall tree like aloe in this picture is a great place to grow cacti of different sizes!

17. Backyard Sitting Space

If you have a sprawling tree in the backyard, then use it creatively to make a sitting space to relax and dine.

18. Make a Sitout

If you have a large tree in the garden, then don’t miss the opportunity of a good family tree project by making a sit out beneath it!

19. Add A Table to Display Plants

A simple idea of keeping a table by the tree to display different plants never goes out of style!

20.Make a Mini Garden

A mini garden of different plants and flowers in a hollowed out tree stump right next to a tree is indeed a beautiful idea!


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