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Making a Leaf Bowl is easy and fun and you can use it as a centerpiece for a coffee table! Learn to do it easily in this article!

By using this creative and easy DIY, you’ll be able to make a leaf bowl on your own, which can be used in many ways! As the fall season is approaching, Making a Leaf Bowl is going to be a lot of fun and you can also involve your kids in this project!

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Making a Leaf Bowl in Easy Steps!

Required Materials

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Glass Bowl
  • Cling Film
  • Brush

1. Wrapping the Bowl

After taking a bowl of your choice, start by wrapping it up with a layer of self-adhesive film.

2. Gluing the Film

Once you’re done wrapping the bowl with a layer of film, carefully brush the glue evenly all around it.

3. Sticking the Leaves

Stick the autumn leaves on the bowl carefully, making sure that their ends overlap each other.

4. Cut Extra Petioles

Cut the petioles of the leaves to give it a clean look.

5. Spread Glue on the Leaves

Once you’re done putting all the leaves on the bowl, carefully paint them with a thick layer of glue to ensure it forms a film, making them stick together with each other.

6. Leave it to Dry

Leave the bowl to dry overnight.

7. Take Out Cling Film from Bowl

Once dry, take out the cling film from the bowl, which will come out with the layer of leaves.

8. Your Bowl is Ready to Use!

That’s it! Your bowl is ready to use. Carefully cut the corners of the leaves to get rid of cling film to give it a cleaner look.

For more details on the project, watch the detailed video here

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