30 Beautiful DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas

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Do you want to level up your decor game? Follow these beautiful DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas. 

We have handpicked some amazing DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas to brighten your home without spending too much!

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DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas

1. Architectural Statement

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas

If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, pick this focal-point succulent centerpiece idea. Check out this tutorial for some inspiration.

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2. Mermaid Inspired

Instead of using the more usual ceramic container, why don’t you choose a giant faux clamshell to put beach-inspired decor on your table? Check out this DIY design. 

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3. Vibrant Vignette

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 2

Bring a dash of colors to your deck or patio with a bright combination of gold, orange, chartreuse, and red succulents. 

4. Contemporary Beachy

This Southern California backyard succulent centerpiece idea is an arrangement of a trio of the exact succulents that look laid-back yet contemporary. 

5. Mixed With MossDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 4

If you want to make your succulents look lusher and give them a dash of green, combine it with mosses – pick either living plants or preserved ones. Details are here

6. Succulents in Bottles

You can get inspired by these succulent showpieces that use uncommon planting vessels from tequila bottles and glass sangria. 

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7. Colorful Combo in Pedestal Pot

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 6

Create a colorful succulent combo design in a pedestal pot. It may look challenging but it is really simple to make!

8. Succulents and Candles 

If you are looking for a succulent centerpiece to brighten up your dinner table, here’s one that involves some candle lighting.

9. Driftwood Succulent CenterpieceDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 8

If you want another beach-inspired succulent centerpiece idea, then this is the perfect pick! Check out the DIY

10. Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

This tutorial will teach you how to make a unique succulent planter that you can put on display throughout the year. 

11. Succulent Centerpiece on a Slice of a Wooden LogDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 9

Make a stunning centerpiece using wood slices with bark, satin or lace ribbons, decorative moss, rose petals, chalk, and paint. For inspiration, check out this tutorial.

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12. Candles, Bamboo, and Succulents

This DIY succulent centerpiece can be perfect for displaying plants on the tables. You will need some river rocks, bamboo, candles, and succulents. 

13.  Cylindrical Boxes Centerpiece

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 10

To make a beautiful table setting, set some fresh succulents and flowers in small cylindrical boxes. You can also use jars of your choice.

14. Succulent Centerpiece

Here is another great way to include some stunning succulents anywhere in the house. To know more, check out this post.

15. Sand Art Terrarium

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 11

With suitable water, sunlight, and a little love and care, you can watch this succulent terrarium centerpiece thrive before your eyes.

16. Succulent Bowl Centerpiece

Make a succulent bowl centerpiece using a low-sided bowl, planter, or vessel. Check out this DIY tutorial for more details.

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17. Flax and Twine Succulent CenterpieceDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 12

Create this fascinating yet simple centerpiece for your next party. Use moss, different succulents, and other small plants of your choice to make this.

18. Recycled Can Succulent Centerpiece

Find out the easy steps to make a DIY succulent centerpiece using recycled cans that can be perfect for summer or spring.

19. Bell Jar Succulent CenterpieceDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 13

Check out this tutorial that shares the step-by-step guide to help you make your own succulent centerpiece using chalk paint, succulents, and a wooden tray.

20. Painted Pots


If you have an old terracotta saucer spare at home, use it to make a beautiful succulent centerpiece with different colors of your choice!

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21. Planter Box CenterpieceDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 14

Make a rustic-style wooden planter for faux or real/live succulents. You can be assured of falling in love with this mini centerpiece!

22. Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

Whether creating a tabletop or just displaying pumpkins on a stand, this idea will enable you to create more than one! Check out the details here.

23. Wedding InspoDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 25

Create this stunning elegant succulent centerpiece table arrangement with a mirror and a succulent like Echeveria or Sempervivum.

24. Big and Small


A mini succulent of your choice in a whiskey or normal glass will make for a stunning centerpiece idea.

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25. Unique Wedding DecorDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 27

Create this gorgeous look using some beautiful roses and succulents. Tuck them all in a vintage wooden box of your choice.

26. Terracotta Pots

Get inspired by this simple yet elegant table piece by using succulents in terra cotta pots. It is easy and fun to make!

27. Vase Half Full

DIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 29

Fill a large glass vase with succulents, real or faux moss, and river rocks. Place it on a small wooden box to complete the look!

28. Geometric Terrarium

Use this geometric vase to make a striking terrarium using succulents and other decorative items.

29. Fairy Tale PresentationDIY Succulents Centerpiece and Arrangement Ideas 30

Create this fairytale-themed decor using an interesting mix of succulents, flowers, and vases.

30. Ocean Elements


If you want another aqua-themed centerpiece idea, then make this succulent centerpiece using some ocean elements like faux starfishes and sea moss.

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