17 Gorgeous DIY Silver Planter Ideas

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Having an accessory to put your plants is a great way to enhance their look. Here are some Gorgeous DIY Silver Planter Ideas you can use!

A beautiful vase is always a good idea to put your plants. But what if we up the game and give you some stunning DIY Silver Planter Ideas that are truly going to enhance the beauty of your plants wherever you are going to put them! Check out the list below!

1. Mercury Glass Effect DIY

DIY Silver Planter Ideas

If you don’t want to invest in expensive vases, save your money by making these cheap silver vases. Just get a mirror effect spray paint and you are good to go! Learn the in-depth How-to here.

2. DIY Antique Planter

This DIY silver planter idea is exactly the same as the previous DIY, just a more detailed version! Experiment with the glass containers you wish to work with and you’ll have your own inexpensive silver planter.

3. Centerpiece Vases

Some of the best DIY Silver Planter Ideas

A perfect idea for dining decor for some special gathering or a wedding. These vases have the ability to handle all the eye-balls in the surrounding! See the tutorial here.

4. Mercury Glass Vase

Draw patterns on a vase using glue, paint it with glass spray paint and then peel off the dried up glue. This way, you’ll get an effortless patterned silver planter in no time. Look here.

5. Mercury Glass

DIY Silver Planter Ideas you need to try

For an antique decoration, you could blindly trust these mercury glasses, which are easy and inexpensive to make! The tutorial is here is one of the best DIY silver planter ideas on the list.

6. DIY Succulent Planters

Choose on different and unique glass containers and follow this DIY to make unique succulent planters.

7. Aged Planters

DIY Silver Planter Ideas you can use

With some of the homely ingredients, you could actually age any metal planter easily. Find more about it here.

8. Plastic Bottle Planters

Upcycle plastic bottles to work as visual metal planters that are cheap and basic. The tutorial is here.

9. Paint Dipped Planters

DIY Silver Planter Ideas you can use for your plants

Create drips of paint on otherwise colorless paint cans to recreate this interesting idea. Learn the tutorial here.

10. Terracotta Pot Planter

Merely a two-step DIY silver planter ideas follow this tutorial to go along the steps. Terracotta pots and spray paints are all that this project requires.

11. Aged Silver Flower Pots

Some of the most amazing DIY Silver Planter Ideas

Aged silver pots can be much more enticing than those new ones. Aging them involves a little bit of smart work and is surely worth a try! Learn it here.

12. Shoe Planter

Are you done with terracotta pots, tin cans, planter buckets? Because we have got this one-of-a-kind shoe planter for you to try! Click here.

13. Herb Planters

DIY Silver Planter Ideas you can take inspiration from

Another tutorial on how to age galvanized planters to create one of the most unique DIY silver planter ideas like this!

14. Watering Can Planter

Make the best use of your garden watering can by converting it into a hanging planter for your yard. Visit here to know more.

15. Vintage Silver Planters

DIY Silver Planter Ideas you might not be aware of

These Vintage silver planters are too charming to resist watching! Induce vintage silver pots, potting soil, succulents and use this tutorial to complete one of the best DIY silver planter ideas!

16. DIY Dino Planters

Among the other DIY silver planter ideas on this list, this is the most eye-catchy! Grab some hollow plastic animals from your local store to do this craft! The idea is here.

17. Glitter Dipped Planters

DIY Silver Planter Ideas that are best for all plants

Sit back and admire this simple and shining glitter dipped planters. Just a few supplies and it’ll be ready effortlessly! Learn the steps here.

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