How to Make Broken Pot Fairy Garden

If you have a broken pot you can create an alluring fairy garden in it, this wonderful miniature garden charms every place “Broken Pot Fairy Garden”. You don’t need a full-fledged garden to keep it. It’s easy to make too, anybody with a creative mind can do this.

How to Make a Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Things you’ll need

1. Broken Pot
2. Potsherds
3. Craft drill
4. Hammer
5. Soil
6. Moss
7. Plants

*If you are doing this with unbroken pot, you need to soak it in water for a while and use a craft drill to cut a space as shown in the image below. Make sure the pot is not having cracks because it will start its new life as a planter and you might not want it to break early.

how to make fairy garden
Image credits: Saskia

Fill small amount of soil in a pot and place the large potsherd as a wall in the middle. Now you need to decide which plants you need to plant. You can plant bonsai, flower plants and succulents in it. Choosing right plants is important because, in miniature garden, plants must be in scale otherwise it looks awkward.

Take out plants from pot, break root ball and plant them in desired places. Cover with soil and moss. Also, plant some moss between the gaps of stairs to hide soil. Decorate your fairy garden with miniature house and furniture.

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Here are some inspirational pictures for you from around the web:


creative broken pot use
Image credits: Rebecca Snyder


beautiful fairy garden
Image credits: Susie Morgan Wilburn


creative use of broken pot
Image credits:  Genevieve Gail


fairy garden in pot
Image credits: unknown


broken pot idea
Image credits: Lynette


recycle garden pot
Image credits:


upcycle garden
Image credits: unknown


Image credits: Sue Matyszak
Image credits: Sue Matyszak


Image credits:
Image credits:



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