16 Genius Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Gardens

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If you live in a city and have a small space (a balcony, rooftop, patio etc.) to grow plants, embrace vertical gardening. And with these 16 Vertical Gardening Ideas you can do this easily.

Vertical Gardening Ideas for Small Urban Gardens

1. Vertical Lettuce Planter


If you love to grow lettuce, herbs or other green leafy vegetables, this project is for you. With minimal space and efforts, make this vertical planter. This simple project can be completed before lunchtime. Check out the tutorial here.

2. Vertical Pallet Planter

balcony vertical garden

You can have different types of plants (herbs, salad greens or ornamentals) growing in a limited space you have, this way. Here are a few more ideas using pallets in the garden.

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3. DIY Trellis Planter Holder

She had two trellises and she found an idea! Attaching them to the windows can make the dull wall interesting and she could save her plants (herbs) from her daughter who loved to pick and throw the leaves. Here's what she had done!

She had two trellises and she found an idea! Attaching them to the windows can make the dull wall interesting and she could save her plants (herbs) from her daughter who loved to pick and throw the leaves. Here’s what she had done!

You can do something similar in your balcony garden too.

4. Pallet Container Holder

balcony vertical garden 2

Arrange a pallet board and hang several pots on it and place on your balcony, where it will receive some sun. It’s easy! And the best part is it will create plenty of vertical space.

5. DIY Stacked Planter.

balcony vertical garden 15

This DIY stacked planter can spruce up any boring place of your garden. It is quick and easy to make and only requires 5 terracotta pots of different sizes, a few of your favorite plants, a center rod, and potting soil. Here is the tutorial.

6. Vertical Picture Frame Planter

diy plant picture frame (1)

A cool idea for your balcony garden to make it greener, you can also hang a wall planter like this in your room. See the step by step tutorial on our website.

7. Vertical Pot Holder From Pallet Planks

balcony vertical garden 3

Dismantle a pallet board and separate the pallet planks; nail them on to the wall and fix the pots. Simple!

8. DIY Herb Planter

DIY pallet herb garden

You can learn how to do this on Ginger Snap Crafts. They have used cedar boards and a few other items to build this.

9. Hanging Garden For Apartments

Hanging-Garden-03 (1)

If you live in an apartment then every inch of space is precious for you and having a vertical hanging garden like this can greatly add more planting space to your urban container garden. To see the tutorial, visit this site.

10. Hanging Gutter Garden

hanging gutter garden

If you have a small patio, balcony or roof garden, make a hanging gutter garden like this one, to grow a lot of plants. See more vertical garden ideas for Balcony.

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11. Arrange shelves to keep pots

balcony vertical garden 10

If possible arrange old shelves or something so that you can keep your pots there, this will also create a lot of space in your tiny garden.

12. Hanging Terracotta Planters

balcony vertical garden 11

No problem if you don’t have a big outdoor area you can still create a lot of space with the help of vertical gardening. A tutorial is available here.

13. Cool Vertical Garden

balcony vertical garden 12

Buy a cool vertical garden like this or if you have great DIY skills, make one for yourself. You can also arrange small but useful gardening tools and watering can in it.

14. Staircase Plant Stand

balcony vertical garden 13

Perfect for city people who have balconies, roofs or terraces as an only outdoor space. You can keep containers on there and grow flowers or herbs.

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15. Iron Grid Pot Holder

balcony vertical garden 14

You can make a grid like this by welding the iron rods or weave them by any other method so that you’ll be able to hang the pots. You can paint that too in your favorite color. *The grid can also be made of wood.

16. Mason Jar Herb Garden

balcony vertical garden 4

Have some mason jars and wooden boards? Make a herb garden like this. One of its kind tutorials is available here.

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  1. Vertical planter and trellis are good ideas if you want to have some plants at home and your space is limited. I love the different styles of doing it that you shared here. Thanks!

  2. So wanting to add a vertical planter to my wee small balcony. As my complex would so frown if I put shelves up in the stucco, the stand-alone shelving and hanging options are very cool. Hope to have my little oasis done in the next few days.


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