20 Gorgeous Moroccan Décor with Plants Ideas

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Moroccan design is a mix of colors, drama, and art and if you are a fan of this style–Take inspiration from these Moroccan Décor with Plants Ideas.

1. Modern Moroccan Room

Moroccan Décor with Plants

A modern Moroccan room has the right mix of plants, carpet, and paintings.

2. Beautiful White Rug


The elegant color of this beautiful rug will match with the dark green foliage of plants.

3. White Leather Pouf and an Art

Moroccan Décor with Plants 2

The white leather pouf looks simply gorgeous in a light-filled interior–What’s making all this special is the bird of paradise plant near the window!

4. Rustic Wooden Door and Artifacts


A vining plant right next to the wooden door and artifacts will look gorgeous.

5. Vintage Boujaad Runner

Moroccan Décor with Plants 3

This beautiful vintage Boujaad Runner brings a Moroccan vibe to the space with plants.

6. Bedroom Pillow Art


A dark green foliage plant matches perfectly with light-themed bed decor.

7. A Charming Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Décor with Plants 4

This large and charming Moroccan rug will make your living room look just perfect with plants.

8. Woven Moroccan Décor


The woven baskets introduce a touch of bohemian and Moroccan vibes to the place.

9. Exquisite Patterns

Moroccan Décor with Plants 5

Moroccan themes always play with patterns and you can do the same with rug, colors, and plants.

10. Caramel Embroidery + Leather Moroccan Pouf


A dark blue couch with light green foliage plants makes for an awesome interior!

11. Red Themed Moroccan Decor

Moroccan Décor with Plants 6

This red-themed room with low slung couches and plants is a sight to behold!

12. Plant Corner with Moroccan Pouf


A stunning looking corner with exposed bricks, plants, and Moroccan pouf!

13. A Rustic Style Room

Moroccan Décor with Plants 7

This rustic themed room with leather couch, a potted plant and taxidermy.

14. Moroccan Themed Room with Extended Embroidery


A living room with a mix of boho and Moroccan theme looks spectacular with colors and extended embroidery.

15. Create Your Own Style

Moroccan Décor with Plants 8

Create your own style with mirror, pouf, painting, and plants.

16. A Painting of Horse


A painting of a horse, right above the caramel Moroccan Pouf will look fantastic!

17. Create a Dreamy Room

Moroccan Décor with Plants 9

Using a chandelier, mirror, light-themed color, and a wooden table, create your own Moroccan styled dreamy room.

18. A Beautiful Nursery


Create a pretty looking nursery with a pouf, wooden cabinet, plants, and wooden wall accents.

19. Swiss Cheese Plant in a Moroccan Room

Moroccan Décor with Plants 10

A Moroccan orange cushion cover and Monstera deliciosa will add a lot of delight to the room.

20. A Cozy Winter Room


A cozy Moroccan pouf is all you need to enjoy the warmth in the winter months.

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