Bamboo Planting Tips

Bamboo See these bamboo planting tips. Planting bamboo is preferably easy in fall in warm climates, in cooler zones spring is the best bamboo planting time. Apart from these two periods, avoid at all costs to plant bamboo during frost or severe heat.

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Bamboo Planting Tips

Following bamboo planting tips will help you plant and grow bamboo better.

  • Bamboo needs deep and regular watering, good mulching is helpful in the winter and harsh summer as it protects the roots.
  • Best to plant bamboo in sunny position, but protect young and newly planted bamboos from afternoon sun.
  • It grows in almost any type of soil but soil should be slightly acidic to neutral and must not dry out quickly.
  • Always plant bamboos in a location that is protected from strong and cold winds.
  • Water newly planted bamboo plant regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.
  • Before planting bamboos, loosen the soil around rootball and spread and sort out entangled root to avoid root rot.
  • Prepare the ground by digging deep to remove the weeds and stones and incorporate aged manure or compost and perlite or vermiculite if soil is waterlogged.
  • Bamboo does not like dry soil so make sure to water regularly and deeply.
  • Planting distances range from 30-40 cm for short varieties and up to 1.5-2 m for tall varieties.
  • One more important bamboo tip is to prevent bamboo from invading your entire garden. For this, lay rhizome barrier around plant. This will check the invasive behavior of bamboos.

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