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Using these Bamboo Planting Tips, you are going to grow them very easily in your home garden! Read on the article to learn more!

One of the most exotic plants that you can have in your garden, growing bamboo is quite easy as long as you know the right Bamboo Planting Tips. Here is everything you need to know and more to help you plant them easily!

Bamboo Planting Tips

How to Grow Bamboo the Right Way

When you are going to use the bamboo planting tips, it is going to help you in taking care and maintaining the plants in the longer run.  Here are some of the pointer you have to keep in mind to grow them better.

Bamboo Planting Tips to grow them right

  • Bamboo needs deep and regular watering. Also, good mulching is helpful in winters and harsh summer, as it protects the roots.
  • Bamboo loves to be in the sun, so always grow them in a sunny position. However, protect young and newly planted bamboos from the harsh, afternoon sun.
  • Another bamboo planting tips you have to keep in mind is the use of slightly acidic to neutral soil, as it is best for the plants. However, it must not dry out quickly.
  • Water newly planted bamboo plants regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.
  • Always plant bamboos in a location safe from strong and cold winds.
  • Before planting bamboos, loosen the soil around the rootball. Spread and sort out the entangled roots to avoid rot. This is one of the most important bamboo planting tips you have to follow.
  • Prepare the ground by digging deep. Remove the weeds and stones and add aged manure or compost to the soil.
  • Always water the plant regularly and deeply.
  • Planting distances range from 1-2 feet for short varieties and up to 5-7 feet for tall varieties.
  • To prevent the bamboo from invading your entire garden, lay a rhizome barrier around the plant. This will keep the invasive behavior of bamboos in check.

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