23 Different Ways to Grow Pothos in Home & Garden

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Add the beauty and versatility of a trailing green vine in your home with our amazing list of Different Ways to Grow Pothos.

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-care-for houseplant? A beautiful addition to any room, here are Different Ways to Grow Pothos. From hanging baskets to training it to climb a trellis, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading to discover the many ways to bring a touch of green to your home using Pothos!

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Different Ways to Grow Pothos

1. Macrame Hanging Pothos

Different Ways to Grow Pothos

This Macrame hanging pot carrying a pothos looks beautiful on the wall.

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2. Pothos on Plant Stand

Various Methods for Growing Pothos 3

What could be better than a large white planter on a wooden plant stands for the Pothos plant?

3. Pothos Vine covering the Wall

wall climbing for Growing Pothos

Pothos vines covering the wall and ceiling are a stunning way to uplift any living room.

4. Hanging Pothos Vine in the Bathroom

hanging vine method  for growing Pothos

Pothos vines are a bathroom favorite, especially when hung from macrame pots.

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5. A Wall of Hanging Pothos Vine

Various Methods for Growing Pothos  just like Wall  of hanging
Houseplant Hobbyist

Create a privacy screen in the middle of the room with a pothos vine, as shown in the image above.

6. Pothos Cuttings in Water

Many Techniques for Growing Pothos

Pothos cuttings in glasses or mason jars filled with water never go out of style.

7. Macrame Hangers and Pothos Pots

Macrame Hangers and Pots to grow Pothos

Macrame hangers and pots of black and white are perfect for growing Pothos.

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8. Pothos Vine on the Ceiling

Ceiling ideas to Grow Pothos

Have a Pothos Vine? Just hang it from the ceiling using a hook, and you will have a fantastic display of fresh foliage.

9. Pothos Staircase Garden

staircase garden ideas to Grow Pothos

Create a staircase garden with various Pothos varieties like this one on the sides of the railing of the staircase.

10. Pothos Vine on Spiral Staircase

staircase ideas to Grow Pothos

Have a spiral staircase in your home? Adorn the railing by adding a stunning Pothos on it.

11. Hanging Pot with Lush Pothos

Hangging planter to Grow long  Pothos

A single hanging pot with a lush Pothos spreads its mesmerizing vines all across the room.

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12. Pothos on a Tree

Ways to Grow Pothos like  climbing on tree

Pothos can also be grown on trees to add another beautiful mix of dark brown and vibrant green to the garden.

13. Pothos on the Shelves for Cozy Sitting

Many Techniques for Growing Pothos 1

Have a reading or chilling space with shelves? Cover those up with Pothos and see how it adds to the ambiance.

14. Clay Planter with Pothos

Various Methods for Growing Pothos  2

A clay planter for growing a Pothos on the refrigerator can do wonders for any home.

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15. Pothos in the Garden

Different Ways to Grow Pothos 1

Add a large-leafed Pothos variety to the garden for this dense jungle look in the garden.

16. Pothos Vine Garland for Mirror

mirror ideas to Grow Pothos

Look how stunning and magical this Pothos vine garland looks wrapped around the mirror.

17. Dark Hanging Planter with Pothos

Different Ways to Grow Pothos in dark  Hanging Planter

A dark hanging planter for a studio or dark room is perfect for growing Pothos.

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18. Pothos Ground Cover

Pothos Ground Cover Many Techniques for Growing Pothos

Did you ever think of growing Pothos as a ground cover for your garden? It might be time to do so.

19. Kokedama with Pothos

Many Techniques for Growing Pothos 3

A gorgeous Pothos in a Kokedama that you can carry to any room whenever you want.

20. Kokedama Pothos with Decor

Various Methods for Growing Pothos

Here is another Kokedama Pothos kept on a modern and elegant home decor piece.

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21. Pothos in the Bathroom

near bathroom seat to Grow Pothos

Pothos makes an excellent plant to grow in bathrooms with its freshness, glossy leaves, and stunning looks it brings.

22. Pothos Vines on Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed Frame to Grow Pothos

Have a metal bed frame beside the bed; make good use of it with Pothos vines and a hanging macrame pot.

23. Make Towers

Different Ways to Grow Pothos 2

A trio of three potted pothos growing with the help of a moss pole or support will make them stand out like mini towers!

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