How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos

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Want to enjoy the dramatic foliage show of your favorite houseplant? Learn How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos in this detailed article below!

How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos

Getting the fenestrations on pothos might sound challenging, but we have some simple and effective tips on How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos in the article below!

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How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos

#1. Pick a Variety with Big Leaves

Split Leaves of Pothos 1

Before you use the tips and tricks to make the leaves on your pothos split, do understand the fact that varieties with small foliage don’t get cuts.

The science behind splitting leaves is to let the light pass through to the lower foliage and the chances of it happening are high on pothos with big leaves.

The best ones to grow are Hawaiian, Silvery Anne, Marble Queen, and Cebu Blue pothos.

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#2. Take the Plant Outside

How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos 2

For pothos to get split foliage, you have to mimic the native environment, which is something you cannot do indoors. It is essential that the plant stays outside in some direct light, wind, and stress as all these factors will trick it into splitting its leaves.

#3. Provide Light on the Top Section

You have to understand the simple science behind splitting leaves—it happens to make way for the light to reach the lower section of the plant for uniform growth.

Pick a spot that gets bright light on the higher section and place the plant there. This will ensure only the top section of the plant gets exposed to the light. After a while, the large leaves on top will split to ensure the lower leaves get their dose of light too.

#5. Get a Mature Plant

Split Leaves of Pothos 3

Pothos get fenestrations on maturity that takes about 2-3 years as the leaves slit only on reaching a certain width of at least 6-12 inches.

Young plants with small leaves have little to no chances of getting cuts on their leaves.

#5. Let It Climb

In their native habitat, pothos trail and climb over other trees in search of light and nutrients. Mimicking the same will ensure the top leaves get the most light, which will make them split to make way for the sunlight to reach the lower leaves.

Train the plant to a nearby tree, pole, wall, and trellis to get the best cuts on the leaves.

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Key Takeaways

How to Get Split Leaves of Pothos 3
  • Refrain from pruning leaves that have cuts or splits on them.
  • Feed the plant with a balanced liquid feed once in 4-6 weeks to help the leaves grow bigger and better. Do refer to the label for dosage.
  • Do not keep the plant in a shaded spot. Remember, pothos grow best when they get plenty of bright light.
  • Keeping the plant where it gets exposed to windy conditions will trick the plant into splitting the leaves to make the air pass through, without disturbing the plant.

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