32 Best Stapelia Varieties | Types of Stapelia Succulents

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Here is the list of the Best Stapelia Varieties that can make an interesting addition to your garden! Pick your favorite one!

If you love flowers that stand out from the rest, check out these Best Stapelia Varieties for a blast of quirky colors in your garden!

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Best Stapelia Varieties

1. Stapelia glanduliflora

Best Stapelia Varieties

This beautiful variety offers star-shaped flowers wrapped on the upper side with white glandular club-shaped hairs. The name glanduliflora implies ‘acorn-shaped blossom’ and relates to the look of a bud.

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2. Stapelia gigantea

The Best Types of Stapelia

This stem succulent looks like a cactus with velvety, spineless branches quadrangular in cross-section. It grows up to 4- 12 inches tall with 40 inches spread.

3. Stapelia gettleffii

Top Varieties of Stapelia

This stem succulent has a matching appearance to cactus; the 9-inch tall branches are velvety, spineless, and quadrangular in cross-section. It can create a big clump of up to 40 inches in the spread.

The star-shaped flowers are marked in purple lines on a cream-hued surface.

4. Stapelia gariepensis

Outstanding Varieties of Stapelia

This rare species from Namaqualand, South Africa, offers 4-inch wide red-brown, hairy blooms on long stems.

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5. Stapelia flavopurpurea

Top Colourful Stapelia Types

This tufted cactus-like plant produces flat, starfish-like small blooms in pretty green, yellow, purple, white, orange, and maroon overtones. The center of the blossom is white and covered with red protuberant hairs.

6. Stapelia engleriana

The most colourful varieties of Stapelia

These exceptional species have thick, jaggedly branched grey-green or dark green stems; the rhizomatous stems look like some succulent Euphorbia. The dark purple-brown or chocolate-hued blooms have triangular corolla lobes.

7. Stapelia divaricataOutstanding Variety of Colourful Stapelia

It is a small stapelia with white, grey-green, and red angular stems that branch and create tillers from the base and have a velvety epidermis.

8. Stapelia clavicorona

The Most Colourful Stapelia Types
shutterstock/Chaiwat Karavapitayakul

It has 1-10 (often up to 100) strong stems deeply serrated between the angles. The star-shaped blooms are different from all staps.

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9. Stapelia cedrimontana

Various Stapelia Varieties

This African succulent has slender stems consisting of four upward-facing corrugated ribs with soft teeth. It also offers star-shaped waxy flowers with spotted skin.

10. Stapelia acuminate

Unique Stapelia Varieties 3

This succulent subshrub mainly thrives in the desert or dry shrubland ecosystem. The star-shaped flowers have a cream surface patterned in maroon lines with an orange center.

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11. Stapelia arenosa

Unique Stapelia Types 2

The stems have irregular knobs, and the tubercles are partially arranged in rows. Flowers are dark and odorless; the star-shaped purple-yellow center protrudes, giving it a distinct look from other Stapelia.

12. Stapelia grandiflora var. conformist

The Most Colourful Stapelia Types 1

This clump-forming stem succulent grows up to 6-12 inches tall; the flowers have a pale-cream inner surface over its corolla, and the five lobes hide their tips by curving back.

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13. Stapelia grandiflora

Outstanding Variety of Colourful Stapelia 1

This tufted cactus-like plant features large and showy starfish-shaped blooms. It is a variable species with several hybrids.

14. Stapelia hirsuta var. vetulaThe Best Types of Stapelia 1

It forms a dense clump of erect, four-angled stems covered in small, soft leaves. The star-shaped purple-burgundy blooms have textured skin and a beautiful protruding dark flower-like center.

15. Stapelia hirsuta var. tsomoensis

Best Stapelia Varieties 1
Stapeliads Brasil

The star-shaped hairy blooms of this variety have textured pink to yellow surfaces with a beautiful center.

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16. Stapelia hirsuta var. gariepensis

Top Varieties of Stapelia 1

The flat, hairy yellow flowers have purple-maroon tips and a showy center; they attract many pollinators. The blooming period occurs from late summer through late fall.

17. Stapelia hirsuta

Outstanding Varieties of Stapelia 1

Also popular as the African starfish flower, it is known for its foul smell and flat, cream-hued surface with dark purple patterns.

18. Stapelia leendertziae

Top Colourful Stapelia Types 1

This tufted procumbent or creeping plant trails and hangs down over the container. While planted in the ground, the plant creates dense carpets or cushions of up to 40 inches in diameter. 

19. Stapelia mutabilis

The most colourful varieties of Stapelia 2

This controversial name explains a hybrid started from the seeds of Tromotriche revoluta (Stapelia revoluta), Masson, cross-fertilized by an insect agency. The blooms remain open for 4-7 days.

20. Stapelia obducta

Best Stapelia Varieties 5

It displays a recurved corolla about 2 inches in diameter; open flat flowers are deeply lobed. The corolla coil backward, giving the blooms a distinct appearance like a bizarre red animal.

21. Stapelia olivacea 

The Most Colourful Stapelia Types 1

This uncommon species has 4-inch fuzzy grey tall stems and few-flowered basal inflorescences with tiny foul-smelling upright red-yellow, olive-green, sometimes black blooms patterned in transverse brown lines.

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22. Stapelia paniculata subsp. scitula

Various Stapelia Varieties 2

This small starfish flower is a miniature version of a large Stapelias. It features slender, light green stems that form compact clumps. You can see star-shaped magenta or dark chestnut brown blooms with yellow bands and purple or maroon hairs across the year on the plant.

23. Stapelia rufa

Beautiful Stapelia Varieties plants

It grows to 4-8 inches tall and offers small, ornamental, dull, dark purple, dark red, or yellow star-shaped blooms in spring.

24. Stapelia schinzii

unique Stapelia Varieties 2

This species is closely related to the endangered Stapelia pillansii. The large plant creates a flexible clump and displays highly unusual star-shaped blooms with hairs beside the margins of the petals.

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25. Stapelia schinzii var. angolensis

The Most Colourful Stapelia Types 2

Stapelia schinzii var. angolensis sports dark red to maroon blooms with hairs near the margins of the petals on toothed stems.

26. Stapelia schinzii var. bergeriana

Outstanding Variety of Colourful Stapelia 3

This strong, clump-forming perennial succulent has a smooth, shiny corolla; the lobes are broad, dull, creamy white in the center. Beside the margin of the corolla lobes, there are club-shaped, oscillating hairs that create a fringe.

27. Stapelia similis

The most colourful varieties of Stapelia 2

It features small-sized, ornamental dark purple star-fish-shaped blooms. This variety is closely related to Stapelia kwebensis, Stapelia kwebensis var. longipedicellata, and Stapelia parvula.

28. Stapelia surrecta

Top Colourful Stapelia Types 3

This densely branched succulent shrub exhibits green leafless five-angled stems and dark purple-maroon star-shaped blooms.

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29. Stapelia unicornis

Outstanding Varieties of Stapelia 2
Cactus by Na

This cactus-like stem succulent has erect to recumbent, velvety, spineless branches in cross-section. The stunning star-shaped blooms are peachy yellow with raised lines and covered in silky hairs.

30. Stapelia villetiae

Top Varieties of Stapelia 3

The large, flexible plant upright offers star-shaped black flowers with transverse yellow lines. It is linked to Stapelia cedrimontana.

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31. Stapelia paniculata

The Best Types of Stapelia 2

This exceptional succulent forms erect cylindrical clumps of fleshy light green stems. The bright hairy star-shaped blooms occur in pink to maroon shades.

32. Stapelia paniculata subsp. kougabergensis

Best Stapelia Varieties 2

This Stapelia showcases light green slender green stems and magenta or dark purple star-shaped blossoms patterned in yellow bands and covered in hairs.

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