16 Crazy Car Gardening Ideas (Cardening)

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These Crazy Car Gardening Ideas will surely draw you to try your hands with Cardening! If you don’t want dirt in your car: Go for air plants or artificial ones.

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These Crazy Car Gardening Ideas or Cardening, whether you like them or not, are very interesting to look at and show some people’s love for their green friend.

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What is Cardening?


Cardening is a growing trend that has seen an exponential rise over the course of time since the pandemic that displays people planting pretty foliage and blooms in their cars— old as well as new.

Planting beautiful little plants in your car is not so different from growing them as houseplants. They are as likely to absorb toxins from the air and keep you feeling fresh, healthy, and less stressed as the plants at home.

Go with the low-maintenance specimens that require less soil too. Options like Air Plants, Lucky Bamboo, Haworthias, Succulents, and Echeverias, are some of the best.

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Crazy Car Gardening Ideas

1. Mini Hanging Succulent in the Car

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2. Dashboard Succulent Garden


3. Glossy Foliage in the Front Door


4. Moss Dashboard


5. Kokedama Ball for a Boho Decor


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6. Succulent Bed in the Cup Holder


7. Dashboard Plant Tray


8. Air-Purifying Dwarf Umbrella Tree


9. Mini Jade Basking on the Dashboard


10. Dainty Pilea in the Cup Holder

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11. Mini Succulent Bed in the Dashboard


12. A Cute Combo of Haworthia and Rattail


13. Mini Herbs in the Cup Holder


14. Lucky Bamboo Gracing the Car


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15. Succulent Trio Setting Cardening Goals


16. Hanging Bowl of Artificial Flowers

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