30 Fantastic DIY Christmas Planter Ideas

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These stylish DIY Christmas Planter Ideas can make your home and garden ready for the festive season without putting a dent in your pocket!

These DIY Christmas Planter Ideas are the best way to bring in the festive mood to your home and garden! Pick your favorite from the bunch!

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DIY Christmas Planter Ideas

1. Christmas Centerpiece


Decorate your tabletop with a beautiful centerpiece this Christmas! All you need is a wooden box, clippings of shrubs, winterberries, scented candles, and this DIY tutorial to arrange them!

2. Christmas Planter with Lights


What’s a Christmas without the lights! Make your pot more radiant by adding some LEDs to the trellis, along with some branches of a spruce or fir tree, turning it into a beautiful DIY Christmas plant!

3. Outdoor Christmas Planter

Christmas Planter Ideas

Buy a cheap pine basket, put it into a decorative urn, and place it on your front porch. For more details, check out this DIY.

4. Recycled Tire Christmas Planter

How to make a winter planter

Got a useless flat tire in the garage? Recycle it into a tire Christmas planter with fresh greenery, pinecones, and berries, using the help of this DIY!

5. Door Planter


Welcome your guests with style, using pots, LED lights, ribbons, Christmas ball ornaments, and the help of this DIY! Enhance the look of your entrance and surprise your visitors!

6. Rustic Planter


Give your Christmas planter a rustic look with this DIY project. All you need is a pot, pine cones, and juniper cuttings. Put them all together and have a unique planter for your home!

7. Vintage Bucket Planter

Indoor Christmas planters

Re-create a vintage look by making this easy-to-make bucket planter. Paint the buckets with multiple colors and patterns. Use them for plantation along with seasonal decorations.

8. Wooden Planter


Who would not like a wooden planter this stunning? Use multiple whitewood boards, nailing them together to join. Paint them and put tree clippings inside to give your front door a holiday look.

9. Tin Can Planter


Plant your succulents in an attractive way, using painted tin boxes along with pine cones, and reindeer an idol, as shown in this DIY. This budget-friendly, indoor planter will spice up your Christmas decor the best way!

10. Vintage Urn Planter

Outdoor Christmas decorations

Vintage theme never gets old, and an urn planter like this is something everyone’s going to adore! You’ll need red twigs, spruce, arborvitae, and winterberry holly along with the urn to create one for yourself!

11. Barrel Stand Planter


A half barrel, matching with the Christmas tree, will be a perfect combo! Here is how you can make a budget-friendly and fancy planter for your fir.

12. Potted Planter


Take a pot and arrange some fir or cedar branches along with sticks and glass balls. Using the help of this DIY, you can create a mini Christmas tree pot!

13. Bottle Planter


Do not throw away those empty wine bottles! Use them creatively to make colorful DIY glittery planters and jazz up the Christmas theme this holiday season!

14. Decorative Planter

Use a pot from your garden and fill it up with cuttings of cedar and spruce. Take help from here to add lights, clippers, and colored sticks to complete the look.

15. Evergreen Planter


You can find ample cedar, spruce, pine, hemlock, and cypress around the holiday season. Place their cuttings in an urn, and deck up with pinecones, artificial berries, winterberry holly, and lights. Here is the procedure.

16. Life-Sized Christmas Planter


Give your entrance a holiday gaze by positioning these life-sized Christmas planters right at your door. You’ll need several stems of ferns, willow, a few soil bags, and fairy lights to make it this way.

17. DIY Garden Cage Christmas Tree


Gather a few garland strands, LED lights, a garden cage, and other Christmas ornaments to make this piece of decor.

18. Gauge Tiered Christmas Tree


Christmas is all about joy and light. Make this showstopper at the Christmas ball with a tiered gauge cage, light strands, garlands, and large ribbon bows to light up your place. Get the detailed tutorial here.

19. DIY Wooden Swag Planter


Snip away the dried-out branches, spruce and cedar leaves to fill this wooden swag planter. Place it outdoors to give a classy look to your entrance during Christmas days. Check out this tutorial for more.

20. DIY Wooden Sled


Assemble this DIY sled using sled pieces, nails, wood glue, and metal clamps. Once done, beautify the piece with garlands, bells, ribbon knots, and other Christmas decors. Click here for details.

21. Dollar Store Decors in Vintage Pot


Add an aesthetic touch to your living space with these dollar store decors piled in a vintage tub. This Christmas planter will perfectly vibe with the festive air indoors.

22. Hanging Christmas Planter


Make your Christmas tree more appealing by creating one in a hanging basket. Add further holiday touch with ribbon knots, pinecones, and faux snowflakes.

23. Santa Boot Christmas Planter


Bring home the perfect Holiday feels with this Santa boot Christmas planter. Plant faux or real fern stems, berry strands, and pine cones in a store-bought boot planter for this pretty project.

24. Christmas Tree in Bonsai Pot


Add a festive vibe to the porch with plant leaves, stems, and berries. You can also use faux ones.

25. White Pot with Jute Woven Knot


Upcycle fern cuttings and dried-out twigs in a white planter like this. Tie a huge knot of jute fabric on the top to give your Christmas tree an impressive look.

26. Succulents in a Metal Planter


Collect any mesh box from the household and fill it up with grass clippings and dried-out stems. Top up with succulents and plant strings to add a Christmasy look to the decor.

27. Cane Basket Planter


A cane wood basket looks elegant on a Holiday cover. Add baubles, Christmas knots, cones, and other crafty decors to deck up its appearance.

28. White Plastered Urn Planter


Plastered urns are the best kind of planters if you are looking for classy home decor. Pile it up with willow stems, berries, cones, stars, and other supplies to add a festive makeover to your yard.

29. Pines and Cones in a Black Tub


Black and red make the perfect combo when it comes to the holiday season. Adorn your Christmas tree with red ornaments in a black pot to hype the festive mood.

30. Rustic Fir Planter


This rustic fir planter is the best decor for village cottages or stone wall villas. Decorate the planters with garlands and mini bulbs to amp up the air.

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