27 Cheerful DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas You Should Look

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Take a look at these 27 DIY Christmas decoration ideas. They are cheap, easy and fun and following them can make your festive season special!

We’re sure you’ll love these Christmas decoration, these DIY ideas are out the box, best, and easy to follow.

#1. Upcycled Tires Christmas Ornaments


We’ve already posted a lot of DIY ideas using old tires, now here’s one more idea for you. Just grab some old tires and clean them with a brush and cleaner. Cut a plywood to the size of tire for the front of ornament and staple the ply to tire with a staple gun. Now spray paint your tires and use a stencil to complete the look.

The website called addicted 2 DIY has a wonderful tutorial on it

#2. DIY Giant Christmas Light Balls


You’ll love them, and your neighbors will love them. A unique and catchy Christmas decor DIY idea you can follow. It is much easier than it seems and only requires the chicken wire, small wire cutters, a measuring tape, gloves, and LED lights. You can place it on your patio, garden or even on trees.

If you want to learn more about this DIY, click here

#3. Add a Fun Message to the Front Porch Chalkboard


Deck up every inch of your porch with elements of the holiday season. Use simple, decorative things like red ribbons, ice skates, candles, an abundance of holly leaves as well as a vintage sled for a retro and quaint appeal. For a more personalized touch, use an oversized chalkboard sign displaying handwritten seasonal greetings for everyone to see.

Take a look at this beautiful front porch here for more inspiration

#4. Concrete Block Gift Box Craft


Take the dull gray concrete blocks and transform them into sparkly presents wrapped in a beautiful bow. It’s an interesting idea! These festive holiday gift boxes make the perfect outside holiday decor and the best thing, no one can steal these gift boxes. It is simple to make and look gorgeous.

See more of it here

#5. Elegant Winter Undertones


If you’ve run out of funds to decorate your outdoor space this Christmas then it’s time to salvage your attic finds and worn-out possessions to spread the holiday cheer outdoors this year. Make use of recycled items. Take a pair of old rain boots lying in the garage and paint them stark white, place them on your front porch. Got a vintage ice skate substitute it for a vase and fill it up with a dozen pine cones for seasonal greenery (Plants will help you a lot!). Jazz up the festive display with a rocking chair make it look inviting and warm for your guests.

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#6. Piping Hot Cocoa Bar


If you love PORCH PARTIES, this is an interesting idea for you. We’re sharing. Put up a piping hot cocoa bar on the front porch for a warm and cozy feel this season. Create an attractive food display with your favorite assortment of goodies, and oversized jars filled with your choice of conventional cocoa powder and marshmallows dipped in chocolate, crushed peppermint, chopped nuts and snowflake sprinkles. Just make sure to place the things at varied heights for a 3-dimensional effect.

Must visit Celebrating Everyday Life to see this awesome post

#7. Globes of Light


Lights, lights, and lights– Christmas and beautiful light decoration go hand in hand. Lighting up your entrance with an interesting and unique display of ornaments is a unique idea. Ditch the expensive crystal pieces for empty tuna cans of small and large size both. Place small LED bulbs in the globes and watch them come to life. For a warm and enigmatic feel, use small wreaths as a base for each of the ornaments and arrange the entire display outdoors beautifully for a cozy effect.

We found this Oversized Ornaments DIY tutorial so fascinating, must see

#8. Creative & Quick Topiary


There are so many innovative ways to perk up your home during the festive season, and this one is no different. This quick topiary project adds a woodsy and rustic appeal to a front porch. The best thing about this idea is that it primarily uses winter decorations. Take an old planter, add seasonal logs and lean them out in alternating directions to show off their differing textures. Throw in a couple of pine cones for a dash of the floral show. And for a more festive feel, add a string of starry fairy lights on the entire display.

Julie Blanner has a beautiful blog full of DIY ideas and recipes, read the full post there

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#9. Elaborate & Rustic Sign


Don’t hide away your excitement for Christmas! Creating a sign like above that says “Merry Christmas” in big bold letters is a fab idea. Use vinyl snowflakes to flank each of the letters and line up an extravagant string of white Christmas lights throughout the fantastic design for a festive look. Additionally, decorate one end of the sign with an elegant, matching bow that adds to the glittery appeal. This simple, crafty and creative DIY is a great way to welcome your near and dear ones home this Christmas.

Don’t forget to visit Allthingsthrifty.com to learn more about this DIY

#10. Mason Jar Lights


You know what a great way to jazz up an outdoor Christmas party is? An illuminated entrance! This year, ditch your regular lights and lanterns for a more impressive display of transparent mason jars jam-packed with tiny, Christmas lights that promise to add a bit of magical glow to your backyard as soon as the sun goes down. Couple it with a crackling bonfire, scrumptious delicacies, some laughter and you’ll have the perfect picture of a festive party.

See the step by step tutorial here

#11. Bold & Beautiful Star


Use minor elements of festive decor to give your porch a dramatic seasonal makeover. Paint your front door bright red and line it up on all sides with an equally gorgeous garland of winter foliage. For a unique twist, set up a twine star in the central portion of the door and watch it steal the show like nothing else. This DIY idea is budget-friendly and adds a charming, traditional and rustic look to your entrance.

This excellent DIY is not so difficult to follow, just need some time, see full post here

#12. Lovely Lyrics


Are you someone who finds absolute peace in reading poems, music with beautiful lyrics? If yes, then this easy and lovely DIY idea is just what you need to showcase your love for Christmas carols on your entrance! Make a bright sign containing handwritten lyrics of your favorite song and display them outdoors. Surround it with some winter foliage, tinsel and a salvaged piece of furniture from the attic for a more wholesome effect. Then grab some hot cocoa and warm mittens and get ready to revel in some serene outdoor time this winter.

If you like the idea don’t miss it, read the complete article here

#13. Glowing Orbs of Light


DIY outdoor festive ornaments are a simple yet festive way of decorating the landscape around your house during the holidays. Forsake the dull lights for these more crafty lighted balls made from chicken wire. You can create varying sizes of balls and hang them up on the tree or in the bushes. Use any combination of colors or stick to a single color for a uniform effect. The combination of lights, shape, color and foliage is sure to transform your rugged garden into a magical faraway place.

If you like this trick, click here to jump on the original post to see step by step tutorial

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#14. Christmas Lights in Beer Bottles


This fun and exciting DIY project is sure to turn you into a real alcoholic, at least that’s what your neighbors will think of you. If you have a stock of wine bottles or beer bottles, clean them up real good and scrape off all the labels. Now stuff them up with multi-colored Christmas lights and arrange them in an array on your front yard. It’s a creative and easy way to recycle your trash stuff and make your outdoor space look fantastically festive at the same time! There are so many other ways to use wine bottles, take a look!

This beer bottle Christmas lights idea was found here

#15. Seasonal Greetings & Seasonal Foliage


Arrange an assortment of planters planted with trimmed conifers or shrubs on your entrance for a clean, seasonal look. To add a tiny bit of holiday cheer, decorate each of the planters serially with oversized letters to spell out a warm Christmas greeting to all those who can view your house from a distance. And don’t forget to throw in some artificial snow on the steps for a more natural look.

The complete DIY tutorial is available on The Idea Room

#16. Christmas Greetings on Wooden Arrows


Hang up merry signs made from wooden arrows on your front door to infuse a warm and cozy feel when the weather outside is all so cold and dreary this winter. All you need is a handful of arrow-shaped wood signs, some paint, vinyl, transfer tape, a rugged post, some artificial snow and of course, wood glue to tie them all together into a cohesive whole. Once the glue dries up, embellish the borders with some multi-colored ribbons if you desire. These cute and friendly signs spread holiday cheer and are sure to entice Santa when he passes your threshold this Christmas!

This creative DIY idea is curated from Thehappyscraps.com

#17. DIY Outdoor Illuminated Gift Boxes


As they say, charity begins at home. So, decorate your front porch with a display of attractive gift boxes that imbibe the very mood of Christmas and express your charitable interests perfectly. Use gauze and mesh ribbons of contrasting colors to embellish the oversized boxes and watch them steal the show outdoors this festive season!

If you like to learn more about this idea head over to whatroseknows.com

#18. DIY Snowballs


If Christmas rings in before the advent of snowfall in your area, or if you live in a zone where winter is without snowfall, use this simple yet attractive DIY idea to create some snow fun in your outdoor space. All you need is a metal bucket, some Styrofoam balls, white glitter, white cotton fabric, foam, and silver push pins. That’s it! This concise element of Christmas decor is bound to lend a serene aura to your front porch.

The step by step article is available on the website called The Crafted Sparrow

#19. Pallet Christmas Tree


A DIY pallet Christmas tree is a great way to adorn your plain, dull front porch and even use up the leftover pallets if you have. All you need is a few nails to tie up the entire item together in place. Once done, hang up colorful Christmas balls in a layered fashion from top to bottom of the tree for a much-needed dash of color. And for a more seasonal touch, attach a star on the apex; while you’re at it, opt for a rustic, wooden star made of sticks rather than the regular sparkly type for a natural look.

This pallet Christmas tree idea is so lovely, we found it here

#20 Outdoor Ice Lanterns


Brighten up the mood of a dreary, cold Christmas by adding an attractive combo of light and color in your entrance. These outdoor ice lanterns are easy to make. All you need is a set of oversized plastic containers, water, food coloring of varying shades and votive candles. Fill each container with 2-inches of water, throw in a sprinkle of food coloring to achieve the shade of your choice and freeze the mixture after weighing it all down with a plastic cup. Once done, place the votive candle in the center and take the lanterns outside.

For a step by step tutorial, go there

#21. Outdoor Starry Lights


Here is a quick and simple way to take a strand of string lights and dress them up beautifully to transform an everyday, boring outdoor space into a sparkling spot of wonder. Just gather some glittery cardstock and use a star punch to make stars from gold and silver foil. Now punch holes in the middle of all the stars and tie them up to form a string of stars. Now slide the star string onto your tiny bulbs and dab some hot glue to keep it in place. The shimmery paper is sure to reflect an extra sparkle on your starlit decor and liven up the pretty greenery in the backdrop.

For complete information on this project, follow this link

#22. DIY Christmas Bucket


Repurpose a beer bucket or outdoor bin for a stunning porch decoration. Just gather some firewood, few trimmed pine tree twigs, and a regular string of lights. Throw in the wood and pine tree branches on the base of the bin and then mix in the lights. For a more glittery look, toss in a tinsel or two. Don’t bother to arrange it in a precise fashion as the USP of this craft lies in its cluttered look. Finish off the look by tying a large, red bow around the bucket for an extravagant appeal.

If you want to read the full post, go to laughingabi.com

#23. Christmas-Special Candle Holders


Design your own gorgeous Christmas candle holders with attractive township templates to adorn your front porch with a stunning contrast of light and shadow. Garner a set of Mocona coffee jars, some acrylic paint, wire, fake snow and paint brushes. Rely on township template cutouts to surround the jars or black acrylic paint to paint the pattern on the outside portion of the jar. Once the jars are ready, insert tiny tealight candles within them before placing them outdoors.


#24. Tomato Cage Christmas Tree


An array of tiered, beautifully lit and exquisite Christmas trees topped with big red ribbons can create a truly impressive scene in your yard, regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime. Make this gorgeous green display with a tomato cage, a few multi-colored string of lights, strands of wire, bows and zip ties. This season, forgo the expensive store-bought stuff for this classic home decor element to infuse some Christmas magic to your outdoor space.

Love this idea? See more of it here

#25. Christmas Decorated Stoop


Welcome everyone who drops by with a decked-up staircase oozing a lovely combination of white, silver, black and green colors showcased by a set of garlands, traditional wreaths, and a handmade welcome sign. Give attention to minor details on the backdrop as well. Adorn the windows with silvery stars, shimmery ribbons and a pair of boots brimming with giant, round ornaments typical of Christmas decor.

Visit the original source to learn more

#26. Wooden Snowflakes with Light


This Christmas, take inspiration from Mother Nature and make a couple of snowflakes from wood. Hang them up from tree branches or your front porch. Illuminate them with fairy lights and let them liven up your plain entrance on a dark, dreary winter evening. This project is perfect for any beginner woodworker.

The DIY Network has step by step tutorial available

#27. DIY Terra Cotta Snowman


Nothing quite signals the holiday spirit like a charming and cheerful snowman. To make one, gather some terra cotta planters and assemble them correctly to construct a cute little winter snowman for your front porch or patio. Save yourself the time of making a real snowman and opt for this classic, terra cotta snowman that promises to stand up to the rigors of weather.

This DIY terracotta snowman idea is curated from the Home depot, see more of it here

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Take a look at these 27 DIY Christmas decoration ideas. They are cheap, easy and fun and following them can make your festive season special!

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