13 DIY Cantaloupe Trellis Ideas

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We’ve got wonderful DIY Cantaloupe Trellis Ideas that will help you support your plants and get a delicious harvest!

These DIY Cantaloupe Trellis Ideas cover up all the bases! How so? There’s an idea for everyone – for small spaces, multiple plants, growing cantaloupes vertically, and much more!

DIY Cantaloupe Trellis Ideas

These trellis ideas can also be used for gourds and pumpkins, as they and cantaloupes have almost the same growth habits. 

1. Wood Trellis Idea

Cantaloupe Trellis

Plant tall wood stakes in the ground for a sturdy frame. Then, tie thinner ones with twine to create a cage-like climbing structure like this. We found the idea here.

2. Metal Wire Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis Ideas1

You can also make a tall structure with metal wire to support cantaloupes. But make sure it’s at least 8 feet tall. DIY here.

3. Tree Limb Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis 3

Cantaloupes need a lot of space, so an A-shaped trellis like this made with tree branches is perfect for them. It will work for pumpkins as well as these fruits have mostly the same growth habits.

4. Raised Bed Cantaloupe Trellis

Ideas for Cantaloupe Trellis

Follow this quick and easy DIY guide to learn how to recreate this raised bed trellis for your cantaloupes.

5. Vertical Trellis Idea

Ideas for Cantaloupe Trellis2

Did you know you could support cantaloupes from their young age, too? This DIY trellis will help you out.

6. Wooden Sticks Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis 8

Take bamboo sticks and create a ladder structure like this image by tying them together. It’s great for melons and cantaloupes. We found it here.

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7. Metal Trellis Idea

Trellis Ideas for Cantaloupe1

You can also invest in a metal one so it lasts long. This one has both vertical and horizontal bars!

8. PVC Pipe Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis 11

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can also create one using metal pipes. It can handle the weight of the plants easily. DIY here.

9. Incline Trellis for Cantaloupe

Trellis Ideas for Cantaloupe3

This incline trellis will help you grow large fruits in a bed. It will also help the fruits to be in the air, saving them from diseases. Click here.

10. Ladder Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis 18

You can repurpose old ladders and attach chicken wire to them for a lovely and pretty cantaloupe trellis. Here’s the idea.

11. PVC Pipe Trellis for Cantaloupes

Designs for Cantaloupe Trellises2

Here’s a PVC pipe trellis that will support your cantaloupes and also serve as a fence for your pets.

12. U-Post Trellis

Cantaloupe Trellis 33

You can make this U-Post trellis easily over the weekend. And it can support up to 8 cantaloupe plants! Find the DIY here.

13. Cradle Trellis for Heavy Plants

Designs for Cantaloupe Trellises 4

Cantaloupes, Melons, Pumpkins, and other heavy plants can easily be supported with this one! Learn the build here.

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