Monstera Growth Stages Explained

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It is crucial to understand Monstera Growth Stages to understand its care requirements, helping it to develop better.

Monsteras are popular indoor plants that stand out with their lush foliage and unique cuts! Growing it involves witnessing various stages that you should be aware of to understand its requirements better.

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Monstera – An Overview

Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) or “Swiss Cheese Plant”  is a popular houseplant native to tropical rainforests, admired for their large, heart-shaped leaves with holes and splits that develop as the plant matures.

 The plant grows from seeds and cuttings into vines relying on tree supports, which inspired the name “monsteras”, meaning “abnormal growth”.

Monstera Growth Stages

1. Seed/ Seedling/ Cutting Stage

Monstera Growth Stages Explained1

  • Timeframe (Seeds): 1-3 weeks
  • Timeframe (Cuttings): 2-4 weeks

Monstera growth begins when the seed germinates under warm and humid conditions. Once sprouted, the plant enters the seedling phase, where little leaves emerge from the stems.

For cuttings, take a segment (5-7 inches long) with at least one node. You can plant it in water or soil, both.

Adequate warmth, light, and moisture at this stage help proper root and foliage development. Also, it grows best from cuttings. 

2. Juvenile Stage

Monstera Growth Stages Explained 2

During the 1-2-year-old juvenile phase, rapid vertical stem growth takes place along with medium sized leaves. At this stage, the foliage will not have the signature cuts and will be flat and in single piece.

3. Climbing Stage

The climbing stage involves the monstera anchoring itself via vigorous aerial roots as it scales vertical supports like poles, walls, or trellises. Mature, fenestrated leaves start taking shape at this point.

4. Mature Stage

Monstera Growth Stages Explained 7

After around 2 years and above (Quicker, if grown from cuttings), you will witness the plant in its full, large fenestrated leaves glory! Its iconic split leaves multiply at a steady rate but vertical climbing slows.

Caring For Monstera Through Each Phase

  • Monstera seedlings require adequate sunlight, warmth, and frequent watering to establish additional leaves and roots. Low light or inadequate moisture can compromise growth.
  • Providing strong trellises, poles, or other anchors assists the monstera as it climbs. At this stage, feeding the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer, once in 4-6 weeks, after diluting it to 1/2 of its strength will be a great idea.
  • Keep its pot on a pebble tray filled with water to elevate humidity levels.
  • Make sure it gets a direct, mild morning sun exposure for 2-3 hours daily for large leaves development.

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