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Everything you need to know about Callisia Fragrans Care is here! Learn all the tips and tricks to keep this beautiful plant thriving for a long time!

Callisia Fragrans Care

Basket plant or Callisia Fragrans is a stunning low-maintenance specimen that looks quite fabulous with its flowing foliage, resembling bromeliads! As a subtropical species, it requires a warmer climate to thrive. Let’s find out more about Callisia Fragrans care.

Other Names: Basket Plant, Chain Plant, Inch plant

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Propagating Callisia Fragrans 

The easiest and direct way to propagate these plants is by stem cutting. Take 4-6 inches long cutting from a healthy parent plant and grow it directly in the garden soil or pot. Place it where it can get bright, indirect sunlight. It is quite a hardy plant and doesn’t require you to use rooting hormone too!

Requirements for Growing Callisia Fragrans 

Temperature and Lighting

As a subtropical plant, Callisia Fragrans need humidity and bright light to survive. It thrives best in 70F (21C) and above. Always place the plant in bright rooms or gardens. As the sun hits the leaves, they turn purple. So, direct sunlight for 2-3 hours is mandatory for that beautiful color!

What Type of Soil?

Gritty loam soil works best for the plant. You can also mix some sand and compost in the garden soil. A neutral pH of 6.8-7 suits this plant the best!

How Much Water Does it Need?

The key to water the plant is to check the topsoil with fingers. If it feels dry, water till it comes out of the drainage holes. Also, avoid overwatering the plant at all costs as it will cause root rot.

Callisia Fragrans Care

Callisia Fragrans Care 2


A balanced liquid fertilizer is the most convenient way to feed Callisia Fragrans. Alternately, choose one that assists in flowering plants. Avoid any fertilizer with high nitrogen, as that will engage in tons of growth but little flowering. Do follow the instructions on the label.


If the stems grow too long, trim the tips just before the leaf node. You can use these cuttings to start a new plant! Also, thin out excess growth with sharp shears to encourage more vigorous and bushy growth.

Pests and Diseases

Not many diseases or pests affect this plant, and that is why it thrives. The only pest that would attack a basket plant is a mealybug. Just use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to rub the pest away.

Overwatering can also cause root rot and brown spots on the leaves.

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