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Learn How to Grow Cordyline Plant Indoors for a dramatic display of its colored leaves that match well with all types of decor!

How to Grow Cordyline Plant Indoors

Cordylines are quite easy to grow and look stunning with their vibrant colored leaves! Though they are quite hardy, in this article, you will get to know How to Grow Cordyline Plant Indoors to keep them happy and thriving!

Here’s everything you need to know about growing inch plant indoors

Propagating Cordyline Plant

The simplest way to propagate Cordyline plants is by the stem cutting method. Snip away 4-6 inch long piece from a healthy stem and trim out the bottom leaves. Plant the cutting in a container filled with potting soil and place it where it can get bright, indirect sunlight. You can also plant the cutting directly into the garden.

Best Indoor Cordyline Varieties

  • Cordyline terminalis: The plant has thin and wide leaves with multiple colors!
  • Cordyline australis: It stays compact and has sword-like leaves.
  • Cordyline rubra: The plant has glossy, dark red leaves.
  • Cordyline fruticosa: This is the most popular variety with brilliant red, orange, and yellow hue leaves.

Requirements for Growing Cordyline Indoors



The perfect location for a Cordyline will be a bright spot that brings in a lot of indirect sunlight. Green-leaf Cordylines won’t mind some exposure to the direct light, while varieties with colored leaves prefer bright indirect or filtered sunlight.


Cordyline grows best in well-draining. For best growth, go for a good quality potting mix with a pH range between 6 and 6.5. If you are using garden soil, add organic compost to it.


With the Cordyline, it is essential to not over-water them. The best method to follow is to poke your finger in the topsoil and if you feel it dry, then water the plant till it flows from the drainage holes.

Temperature and Humidity

As a tropical jungle plant, it does well in the temperature between 65-85˚F (18-30˚C) indoors. Make sure it is not exposed to temperature below 41°F (5°C). The plant also loves humidity and you can increase it by using a wet pebble tray or humidifier.

Cordyline Plant Care

How to Grow Cordyline Plant Indoors 2


Use a balanced fertilizer diluted to half of its strength once in 3-4 weeks during the growing period. Avoid feeding the plant in winters.

Pest and Diseases

Keep the plant safe from spider mites and thrips. You can easily knock them off using a strong jet of water or with insecticidal soap.

Most of the diseases can be taken care of by avoiding overwatering and wetting the foliage. Also, keep the plant in an area where there’s plenty of air circulation.


As per ASPCA, the Cordyline is considered to be mildly toxic to cats and dogs. It has Saponins, which may result in vomiting or diarrhea if ingested.


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  1. Thank you for this information, I now may have watered to often every 7-10 days and it’s winter, most of its leaves fells off, bown tips, I thought perhaps not enough water, also accaired bugs, Im using the spray you recommend am and pm. I also used peroxide diluted in water 1tsp to every 8oz. I had just bought this plant it looked so beautiful I wasn’t sure if the bugs came with plant. Either way I want to care for it and give it a good forever home. 👍


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