Hoya Carnosa Care Indoors | How To Grow Waxplant Hoya

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If you are looking for a gorgeous variegated houseplant, then Waxplant Hoya is a good bet. Here’s everything on Hoya Carnosa Care Indoors!

Hoya Carnosa Care Indoors

Hoya Carnosa climbs trees and clambers over rocks in the wild and keeps on growing continuously. If your grandmother had a vining houseplant creeping up to her kitchen, it must be the Carnosa, as they have been around for ages! So, if you too want to see it climbing happily in the home, then here’s all you need to know about Hoya Carnosa Care Indoors

Common Names: Wax Plant, Honey Plant, Porcelain Flower

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 Best Types of Hoya Carnosas

  • Krimson Princess: Comes with beautiful variegation of green and cream with a subtle touch of maroon.
  • Krimson Queen: If you love white, then this is for you! It offers a stunning combination of dark green and white on the foliage.
  • Jade: Offers solid-colored, deep green leaves that have stretched out, oblong shape.

Flowers of Hoya Carnosa 

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Hoya Carnosa grows star-shaped flowers in contrasting hues of red and white. You have to keep the plant in a bright spot to make it bloom profusely. Also, refrain from snipping away the spurs after the flowers fade away because they will flare from the same triggers again. 

Propagating Hoya Carnosa

The plant grows best from cuttings. Simply take 6-7 inches of cutting from a healthy plant with at least 2 nodes. Put it in a vase filled with water and place it where it can get bright, indirect light. Change the water every 3-4 days. Once you spot the roots emerging, transfer it into a pot filled with a quality potting mix.

Requirements for Growing Hoya Carnosas Indoors


The Carnosas will grow the best if placed in a bright, airy space away from any exposure to direct sunlight. An east-facing window would be a great choice because it will receive ample light but not the intense afternoon sun. 


The Hoyas do best in well-draining soil. You can make your own medium by mixing equal parts of perlite, cactus, and orchid mix. Make sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom to save the soil from becoming soggy.


Do not worry too much about water as being succulent, the plant will store enough in its stems and leaves. The best practice to follow is to keep an eye on the pot, and if you see the topsoil going a bit dry, water it till it seeps from the drainage holes.

Temperature & Humidity

Since the succulent is not frost-hardy, it may wither and die in frigid temperatures. It does best in a temperature range of 60-75 F (15-24 C).

Hoya Carnosas Care Indoors

Hoya Carnosa Care Indoors 2


Before the plant starts to bloom, feed it with a high phosphorous fertilizer, like 5-10-3, every 3-5 weeks. This will help it to flower a lot and better! To promote lush growth of the foliage, use a balanced fertilizer during the growing period according to the instructions on the label. 


Hoyas can grow untidy and look unkempt if not maintained well. Snip away any dead or brown stems from time to time. You can also prune the foliage to give it a nice shape. It is advisable to wear gloves while pruning as the stems drip off latex, which might be irritating to some.

Pests & Diseases

Hoya Plants are pretty resistant to pests and do not usually fall prey to illnesses. But, sometimes, aphids and mealybugs can create a potential problem. You can get rid of them easily with insecticidal soap.  

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