12 DIY Grow Tent Ideas For Indoor Gardeners

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These DIY Grow Tent Ideas are perfect for gardeners who want to grow plants and start seeds indoors without sunlight and outdoor space.

What is a Plant Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a grow room with LED lights and other features. It provides a portable, optimal environment for seedlings and plants indoors. With its help, you can control the lighting, heat, and air circulation and even grow the plants in winters.

You can choose any of these tutorials and do as directed to make your own functional DIY grow tent at an affordable cost.

1. DIY Grow Tent for Under $100

12 DIY Grow Tent Ideas For Indoor Gardeners

Running your LED grow lights in open air may waste their potential, but you can amplify that with the help of a grow tent. Learn how to make one here.

2. Own DIY Grow Tent

According to this article, even a novice can build a grow tent, and you can find out the steps here.

3. DIY: £25 Grow Tent

Transform a canvas wardrobe into a DIY grow tent with the help of this tutorial. You can buy it from any home store or online.

4. DIY Grow Tent with PVC Pipe

5. 4ft DIY LED 2 x 4 Grow Tent Grow Light

Build this functional grow tent fitted DIY LED grow lights with the help of this YouTube tutorial.

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6. Grow Tent for Indoor Succulents

DIY Grow Tent for succulents

If you’re an avid succulent grower, but chilling winters kill them often, place them in grow tent. This post from Succulent and Sunshine talks about several grow tent benefits. Read it here!

7. Cheap $2 DIY Grow Tent

If you’re very tight on budget, give a try to this 100 percent efficient $2 grow tent project.

8. DIY Grow Tent for Indoor Plants

Build this easy-peasy grow tent with the help of this tutorial video. You can use it to accommodate 2-3 small potted plants or a large one like a lemon tree.

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9. DIY Wooden Grow Tent

This wooden, grow box looks good and does its work. You can start seeds in it with ease in late winter or early spring without waiting for the favorable weather to arrive. The tutorial is available here.

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10. DIY Complete $300 Budget Grow Tent

Build a well-equipped grow tent from scratch that really serves its purpose in a budget of $300.

11. DIY Grow Tent from Old Storage Rack

DIY Grow Tent IdeasThis DIY grow tent is made for germinating seeds using tin foil, LED strip lighting, and an old storage rack. We found the idea here!

12. PVC Pipe Grow Tent

This PVC pipe grow tent is lightweight and movable and cost-effective. Learn how to grow it here and here.

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