12 Best Climbing Houseplants | Easy to Grow Indoor Climbers

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Find out the Best Climbing Houseplants and experience natural mounting draperies. They look great in hanging baskets and colorful pots!

Complimenting all types of decors, these Best Climbing Houseplants are also easy to grow in low light and thrive all year round!

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Best Climbing Houseplants

1. Blushing Philodendron

Best Climbing Houseplants

Botanical Name: Philodendron erubescens

This beautiful variety has many cultivars such as ‘Pink Princess,’ ‘Red Emerald,’ ‘Burgundy Princess’, and ‘Imperial Red.’ It thrives in partial shade and you can train it to grow as a climber with appropriate support.

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2. Arrowhead Plant

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum

The arrow-shaped green leaves on soft stems look wonderful. If not pruned, this plant has a creeping growth habit, and growing in hanging planters makes the long vines to swing down gracefully.

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3. Kangaroo VineBest Climbing Houseplants 2

Botanical Name: Cissus Antarctica

This lovely plant with copper-colored leaves looks great in hanging baskets. The foliage becomes shiner with age. It is a dense climber and prefers bright light.

4. Rex Begonia Vine

Botanical Name: Cissus discolor

This striking climbing rex begonia variety is prized with heart-shaped silver patterned foliage and red undersides. It looks amazing when going up on walls or trellis.

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5. Wax Ivy

Best Climbing Houseplants 3

Botanical Name: Senecio macroglossus

This evergreen variety resembles the English ivy, but this fast-grower is a succulent. The pointed, glossy leaves on the flexible stems look spectacular in containers.

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6. Jasmine


Botanical Name: Jasminum

Jasmine flowers are loved for their charismatic beauty and breathtaking fragrance. Many varieties can be grown indoors as a climbing houseplant. Grow this beautiful plant in an area with direct sunlight.

Note: Varieties like cape jasmine can climb up to 3-6 feet indoors. Star jasmine and Day-Blooming jasmine are also great choices.

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7. Swiss Cheese Plant

Best Climbing Houseplants 4Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii

This beautiful plant has a vine-like tendency and climbs over trellis or walls easily. The stunning large perforated foliage makes for an eye-catching look.

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8. Climbing Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloiampelos ciliaris

This rare climbing variety shows off woody stems and beautifully recurved leaves that help this plant to climb on nearby structures or trees as support.

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9. Creeping Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus pumila

The heart-shaped green leaves look great when trained to grow up on a trellis arrangement. Keep the plant where it receives bright, indirect light.

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10. Monstera Peru

Botanical Name: Karstenianum

This fast-growing climber features dramatically wrinkled opalescent leaves with exceptionally firm-textured. The foliage also has a certain gloss to it.

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11. Cupid Peperomia

Best Climbing Houseplants 8

Botanical Name: Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata’

This beautiful peperomia has heart-shaped light green foliage with creamy-gold margins. It can climb up to 30-40 inches.

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12. Wax Plant

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

The trailing or climbing slender stems are adorned with small, waxy green foliage. It can climb or trail up to 4 feet or more.

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